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Trip to Las Vegas - Day 2

Second day in Vegas was more of a chill day. First we went to see world famous Hoover Dam and then returned to Vegas for the second night before moving on.

Hoover Dam Vegas

The next morning we woke up and headed straight for the Hoover Dam. It's located about 30km away from Vegas.

melted building in Vegas

The same melted building that we've seen earlier only closer.

Leaving Vegas

Leaving Vegas.

Vegas 3D puzzles

Interesting 3D puzzles in one of the shops.

Vegas desert parking

View on the parking from the shop. Not much people in here. But still kind of interesting.

photo shooting in Vegas

Great place for photo shooting.

View on Nevada

View on Nevada.

driving this old tractor in Nevada desert

You can meet absolutely all kind of interesting things on American roads. I wonder where are they driving this old tractor?

a truck in vegas

A truck that carries 3 other same kind trucks.

more mountains that the desert

This time we've seen much more mountains that the desert.


Huge lake in front of us. The dam should be somewhere near by.

Tillman Memorial Bridge

The Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is an arch bridge opened in 2010.

Hoover Dam Bypass project

It was the key component of the Hoover Dam Bypass project. It is the second-highest bridge in the United States.

Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam

Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. The Hoover Dam Bypass project was completed within budget at a cost of $240 million, the bridge portion cost $114 million.

Nevada, Arizona, and California Hoover Dam

The dam's generators provide power for public and private utilities in Nevada, Arizona, and California.

Road underneath Hoover Dam bridge

Road underneath the bridge leads straight to the dam. Before that there is a security check as well.

Hoover Dam view

The view from the bridge is terrific.

Hover Dam, Nevada/Arizona, United States

Hover Dam, Nevada/Arizona, United States.

Road to Las Vegas

After the dam we continued our way to the Grand Canyon, which I will describe in my next post.

Night life in Las Vegas

Once we were back in Las Vegas it had already been dark. We took some photos from the top of our hotel tower. Since we stayed in that hotel it was totally free for us otherwise you would have to pay to get up.

View on Las Vegas from the Stratosphere

View on Las Vegas. Actually it's quite huge. The main street - the strip with all the hotels is in the center. But look at all the rest of the lights. This is all Vegas.

The strip, Las Vegas, United States

The strip, Las Vegas, United States.

Stratosphere attractions in Vegas

Tower has many different attractions. One of them is sky jump, something like a bungee jumping. Then there are several different attractions, carrousels and other stuff. Basically all you could wish for.

Bungee jumping in Vegas

Here goes the next jumper. Even at night there is a cue. As I already told it costs 100$ and could be quite scary.

Pool party in Vegas

After playing all night in casinos and evening winning some money the best thing you could wish in the morning is a pool on the roof of your hotel.

Relaxing in the pool before checking out

And here it is. Relaxing before checking out of the hotel. And as I already mentioned all this was for only about 35$ per night. I love Vegas. :)

Welcome to Las Vegas

Famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, founded in May 1959, Las Vegas, United States.

Road to Los Angeles

Time to head back to Los Angeles. Road goes straight till the horizon.

Arizona beautiful desert

Some beautiful pit stops on our way back.

Desert signs in Arizona

Even though it's in the middle of a desert it is still really civilised.

Beautiful desert before Las Vegas

Palms in Las Vegas desert

Very beautiful and peaceful place.

Nevada desert

Parking in the desert

Mc Donalds truck in the desert

And of course you have to find something to eat. Wonder what can it be in America.

Sunset parking in the desert

Beautiful sunset in Nevada.

Beautiful Vegas

I guess it's gonna be dark by the time we return to LA.

Huge cactus in Las Vegas desert

Huge cactus.

Las Vegas sunset

Time to get back on the road.

night sky over USA

The next day we had to return to New York, so here are some photos of the America at night. It literally never gets darks.

night skies over america

We flew for about 5 hours and all way long there were lights on the ground.

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