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The world's 8th wonder - The Grand Canyon!

After Vegas we continued our trip for our final destination - the Grand Canyon which turned out to be the most amazing place I've ever been in my life.

Canyon - 400 km from Las Vegas

After Vegas we headed straight for the Grand Canyon. It was quite a long journey - about 400 km from the Vegas. So it's better to take off early in the morning which is quite hard in Las Vegas.

Canyon an old airport base

As I already mentioned earlier you can meet lots of different interesting things and places on American roads. Here are few of them - an old airport base.

Grand Canyon airport

I guess these planes used to carry people a few decades ago.

Fred's diner ar Grand Canyon

Fred's diner.

Huge eagle statue ar Grand Canyon

Huge eagle statue.

Typical rancho in Nevada

Typical rancho.

road to Grand Canyon

The road just keeps going.

careful for deers sign

Be careful for deers. And indeed we've met lots of them. Especially by the canyon.

Deers at Grand Canyon

Some deers just a few meters away from the road.

Unbelievably clear nature

Unbelievably clear nature.

Deers at Grand Canyon

Loks like they got used to people.

Dodge Charger in Grand canyon

You can stop the car anywhere you want and find some animals in the near by forest. So have to drive very carefully.

Bus stop in Grand Canyon village

At the end you arrive at the car park, where you can take a free bus to different spots or just walk there by foot. But since the canyon is huge and you want to see as many places as possible it's better to take a bus.

The Grand Canyon

And here it is. The very small part of it.

Canyon goes for hundreds and hundreds of miles

It goes for hundreds and hundreds of miles and you just are not ready for how really huge and wide and deep it is.

Grand Canyon no fence

It has a fence in some places but in general there is no fence and you are on your own. Have to be very careful walking on the edge of it.

So you are absolutely free to climb anywhere you want

It's not forbidden to go anywhere. So you are absolutely free to climb anywhere you want.

watch the Grand Canyon

I could just sit there and watch it all day long. Many people in fact do that.

I love Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Village path

We were in the Grand Canyon Village. Special village right in the heart of Grand Canyon. Very civilised with pedestrian paths and touring gids if you need some.

Silence in Grand Canyon

You are just amazed by the silence in it. It's so huge that no sounds can reach the top of it where we were standing.

Cliffs in grand canyon

If you are brave enough you can make some cool photos over there. Of course we decided to go for it as well.

Grand canyon cliffs

It feels much scarier than it looks :)

I could start writing books in grand canyon

I could start writing books in this place.

nature itself is amazing

And the nature itself is amazing. Everything is nature friendly. Buses run on special nature gas, traffic lights work on solar energy. Only paper bags are allowed - no plastic.

mountain goat in grand canyon

A mountain goat just walking down the path. As it turned out it was going for the water pond about 500m ahead. Absolutely not scared of people. One thing is squirrels in central park in London - but this is something new.

grand canyon - it really is an amazing place

It really is an amazing place. Hundreds of kilometers just in front of your eyes.

beautiful grand canyon

not many tourists in Grand canyon village

Since Grand Canyon is quite away from Vegas there isn't much tourists. At least not as much as in Vegas. And the canyon itself is so huge that tourists just spread and disappear in it.

beautiful grand canyon

one day in grand canyon

We had time for only one day in it and I realised that even a week wouldn't be enough there.

bus stop at grand canyon

One of the points where bus takes you. You can walk on your own by the canyon but as you can see the distance isn't that small and this is only one stop out of many dosens.

trip to grand canyon

I want to stay in grand canyon

I think I want to stay here. Forever.

National Register of historical place

National Register of historical place.

Hiking path to Colorado River

Hiking path to Colorado River.

The beauty of the Grand Canyon, USA

The beauty of the Grand Canyon, USA.

Mule xing in grand canyon

Of course it is possible to rent a mule if you're intending for a long off road walk.

visiting Grand Canyon

If you ever plan on visiting Grand Canyon I would definitely recommend to visit this village first since it has a lot of information, maps and other stuff you might need in the canyon.

worth staying in Grand canyon

And it's definitely worth staying there for the sunset. You won't see anything like this anywhere in the world.

Colorado river looks completely still

Colorado river looks completely still even though it has quite strong flows.

depth of the Grand Canyon

The great depth of the Grand Canyon is determined to be somewhere 1500 - 3000 m of uplift of the Colorado Plateau, starting about 65 million years ago. This uplift has steepened the stream gradient of the Colorado River, which in turn has increased their speed and thus their ability to cut through rock.

best bus stop in the whole world

I suppose this is the best bus stop in the whole world.

best place I've ever been to

I've been in many places in my life, but this one is definitely without doubts the best place I've ever been to.

You're just being blown away by its beauty

You're just being blown away by its beauty.

Beautiful photo in the Grand canyon

Colorado river grand canyon

It's so hard to believe that this small river could create something this huge. But it's truth.

searching for UFO in grand canyon

Some kind of freak searching for UFO or trying to listen to a local radio - I'm not sure. :)

infrastructure in grand canyon

I love the infrastructure as well. They did a great job creating this village.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.

Trip to grand canyon

Huge grand canyon

So weird when you see that land goes straight for hundreds of kilometers and then suddenly just stops and falls into a huge canyon without any warning signs.

cliffs at grand canyon

helicopter tour in grand canyon

It is possible to take a helicopter tour in the canyon as well or even from Las Vegas. It isn't that cheap - starting from 400$ per person I think but I'm sure it's worth it.

Sunset over Arizona in grand canyon

Sunset over Arizona.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, sunset

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States.

waiting for the sunset in grand canyon

At one point I noticed a guy in blue just sitting and waiting for the sunset. Perhaps thinking about purpose of life. I can totally understand him.

forest inhabitant in grand canyon village

Another forest inhabitant.

Beautiful sunset over Grand Canyon village

Beautiful sunset over Grand Canyon village.

The sun sets at grand canyon

The sun sets beneath the horizon and stars start to appear over the canyon.

camping in the nature grand canyon

If you love camping in the nature - this is a place for you.

night view on the grand canyon

Some last photos at night. I've set camera on manual focus and 30 second exposition time. It was so dark that I couldn't see the canyon itself but I managed to take a few cool photos.

night at grand canyon

Try to watch these photos with low light around you.

beautiful stars over grand canyon

Hundreds of beautiful stars and the moon is the only thing that enlightens the canyon.

night sky at grand canyon

The night sky. Wish I had a better camera with me. But anyway - The Grand Canyon has made an impression on me that will stay with me for all my life.

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