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First glimpse on Amsterdam

On our way back from USA we had to make a connection flight in Amsterdam and since we've had whole day in that city it would be a shame to spend it in the airport.

The most comfortable plane KLM

Saying goodbye to our plane. The most comfortable plane I've ever been to.

excellent railway system in Amsterdam

Thanks to the excellent railway system it took us only 15 minutes to get from the airport to the city center.

beautiful Amsterdam

And here we are - beautiful Amsterdam.

thousands of bicycles in Amsterdam

First things first. All these stories about how many bicycles there are in Amsterdam are absolutely TRUE. There are thousands of them.

Absolutely everywhere bicycles

Absolutely everywhere.

Amsterdam own bicycle

It's amazing how people find their own bicycle.

great Amsterdam

Have to admit that first impression of the city was quite nice. I've imagined it a little bit different.

Very civilised and clean

Very civilised and clean. No signs of marihuana or porno industry what so ever.

apple store in Amsterdam

Of course nowhere without apple store.

Amsterdam reminds me of Venice

To be honest Amsterdam reminds me of Venice. Only with more water in it. :)

warm Amsterdam

Of course the weather wasn't like in New York but given that in Riga it was almost snowing, it seemed quite warm.

Entering the very center of the Amsterdam

Entering the very center of the city. This is where is started to change from good to great.

Famous Dam Square

Famous Dam Square, or simply the Dam, is a town square in Amsterdam. Its notable buildings and frequent events make it one of the most well-known and important locations in the city.

pigeons in Amsterdam

A nice guy gave us some rise so pigeons went nuts.

Hundreds of pigeons in Amsterdam

Of course they aren't like squirrels in London but quite fun as well.

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

Madame Tussaud museum in Amsterdam

Madame Tussaud museum. I've been in one in London but if we had more time we would definitely visit this one as well.

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

In some places they have special bicycle lanes.

bicycle lanes in Amsterdam

In some they don't.

In general very cute old town Amsterdam

In general very cute old town. Smiley people, small shops. I don't know about the rest of the city but the center is a very nice place to be.

channels and bridges everywhere in Amsterdam

And of course channels and bridges everywhere.

Bridge in Amsterdam

Amsterdam indeed is a second Venice

Amsterdam indeed is a second Venice.

bicycle attached in Amsterdam

There really isn't a single place by the fence without a bicycle attached to it.

Amsterdam center

The very symbolic look of Amsterdam center.

There are 165 canals and 1281 bridges in Amsterdam

There are 165 canals and 1281 bridges in Amsterdam. In comparison Venice has only 409 bridges.

Amsterdam in a number one city

Amsterdam in a number one city in the world for the quantity of bicycles people own and use.

every single bicycle has a lock on it

Interesting is that every single bicycle has a lock on it.

Absolutely no modern sport bicycles

And all bicycles seems to be very old - traditional. Absolutely no modern sport bicycles. I guess it's too dangerous to have them here as they would be inevitably stolen.

Small restaurants everywhere

Small restaurants everywhere. It's a shame many of them don't accept credit cards.

real Amsterdam spirit

And here is starting to appear real Amsterdam spirit.

Red Light Square

World famous "Red Light Square". That is all to it. Don't know about you but I've imagined it a little bit different.

Sex shops everywhere

Sex shops everywhere.

Sex shop DVD cabines

Sex shop DVD cabines.

Live show for only 2 Euro

Live show for only 2 Euro. That's interesting.

Red Light Square ladies

And here are the ladies. Taking photos is restricted but you can get some if you're lucky.

no kids allowed sign in Amsterdam

Well, at least they have special signs everywhere.

Tourist shops are quite unique

Tourist shops are quite unique as well.

Amsterdam XXX

Amsterdam XXX.

Amsterdam sex

Now we entering a little different part of the city.

Amsterdam weed

Just a day ago I've seen it a little bit larger.

Amsterdam restaurant

I think there are way more people on bicycles then on foot.

Amsterdam canabis

The second most interesting thing in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam weed

It's a shame we couldn't try anything since we had to go to the airport in a couple of hours. And we had to be sober. :)

Amsterdam Marihuana

Hash Marihuana & Hemp museum.

Amsterdam hash

Definitely will have to return here once more.

Amsterdam Sensi seeds

Sensi seeds. I wonder how is it like to ride a bicycle when you're high.

Amsterdam Funny people coffeeshop

Funny people coffeeshop.

Amsterdam bike rental company add

Bike rental company add.

Amsterdam hash

uuu I could smell and feel this place two blocks away from it.

Amsterdam, Netherlands sex weed

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

theater on the water

Some kind of theater on the water.

Starbucks in Amsterdam

Cheers :)

Amsterdam train

Time to go back to the airport.

I amsterdam

"I amsterdam" sign, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Letters are the size of a human

Letters are the size of a human.

Amsterdam huge coffee cup

Would be hard to drink from it :)

Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Welcome to Schiphol.

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