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Couple hours in Oslo.

Flying back from Iceland I've had to make a stop in Oslo. It wasn't much but I sure got to see the very center of it and get the main idea of the city.

First thing you see in Oslo

First thing you see when you exit the train station in Oslo.

Main clock tower in Oslo

Main clock tower. Looks pretty ugly to me.

benches in Oslo

Some cold wet benches. But looks cool.

Tiger statue in front of Railway Station in Oslo

The city was once referred to as Tigerstaden (City of tigers) by the author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson around 1870. To the extent the 1000 year jubilee was celebrated by a row of tiger sculptures around the City Hall.

Grey Oslo.

The weather wan't the best to be honest. In general the city looked quite grey.

Leg statue in Oslo.

Different statues all around the city. This one reminds me of a leg.

Another fountain.

Another fountain. Could look good at summer time.

New center block in Oslo.

And this is a new center block.

Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet.

Oslo Opera house view.

Several art projects were commissioned for the interior and exterior of the Opera House.

Monica Bonvicini

Great place to take a walk.

Statue of ship symbol near Opera house

The most notable is She Lies, a sculpture constructed of stainless steel and glass panels by Monica Bonvicini.

Roof on Oslo opera house

Very neat idea to make it possible to climb on the roof.

Quite nice view from the roof

Nice view from the roof.

Oslo opera house

Oslo opera house.

Inside the Opera house

Inside the Opera house.

Stylish wardrobe in Oslo opera house.

Stylish wardrobe.

Traffic lights for color blind.

All street are pretty typical. Except for the traffic lights. Did you notice there are two red lights? Just like in Germany. Turned out they are ment for the color blind people.

Another statue of hand

Another statue of a hand. I guess it really means something.

Not many people in the center in Oslo

Not many people in the center.

President place in Oslo

President place at the end of the street.


Even though it was quite cold bicycles are still very popular in Oslo. And in fact the cheapest way of transport.

Warm chairs.

Even in November you can have a cup of coffe right outside on the street.

Beautiful old buildings

Beautiful old buildings.

Center of Oslo

In general not much to see in the center.

Tree protection in Oslo

All trees are protected form people running into them.

Business center in Oslo

It got dark quite quickly. So we headed to the restaurant in the very center of business block.

Modern center

It made an impression on me. Very modern place.

Polar bear statue

Another statue of a polar bear this time.

Expensive apartments in Oslo

Apartments here are among the most expensive in Europe.

Cool restaurant and bar

Cool restaurant and bar.

Cool statue in Oslo

I've no idea what this statue represents but it looks really stylish.

Fountain statue in Oslo

Another fountain with a statue. City really puts a lot of effort on them.

Nobel house in Oslo

Nobel house.

Church in Oslo

Finally I've found at least one church. At this point my lenses began to froze so I took this last photo and decided to call it a day.

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