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New Years spirit in Venice!

We had only one last stop before reaching Rome and it was Venice. I've been there before but I wondered how is it like there at this time of the year?

Back to Venice!

I sure didn't think I would be back to Venice this year but here I am.

And it's sure is as beautiful as always.

And it's sure is as beautiful as always.


We were extremely lucky to witness such a wonderful weather.

Venice is like a small medieval city

Venice is like a small medieval city. No modern technologies. Old buildings, small streets. Marvellous.

Hot weather in Venice

First thing you want to do is to take off your jacket and even sweater.

Really warm in Venice

And forget that it's almost New Years.

Old building in Venice

I just love these old buildings.

Masks in Venice

Gorgeous masks.

Mask shop in Venice

Unique mask shop.

Teatro Italia

Teatro Italia.

Beautiful masks everywhere

Beautiful masks everywhere.

Santa in Venice

Finally we see the first reminder that New Year is coming.

Living in Venice.

It is said that there are no locals here. As for me I would definitely want to try living here for a couple of months.

find yourself in Venice

You're just walking down the streets, then make a turn for the water and find yourself in such a place.

stay in Venice

And immediately decide to stay here for a while.

boat parking place

Some kind of a boat parking place.

Interesting post box in Venice

Interesting post box.

Found some more Santas in Venice

Found some more Santas.

Who lives in Venice?

But occasionally we see some clothes hanging out on the rope. So someone must be living here after all.

Well in Venice.

This must be an old well. Can't get it open.

Small quite street in Venice

Small quite street.

Boat parked at he house in Venice

I guess this is similar as to having a car parked at your house.

The main street or channel in Venice.

The main street or channel.

symbol of Venice - Gondola

The very symbol of Venice - Gondola.

Some buildings are not straight in Venice

Some buildings are not as straight as they should be.

Mercato di Rialto - market on the bridge

Mercato di Rialto - market on the bridge.

tangerines in Venice

Well - what kind of New Year this will be without tangerines :)

Hello from Venice.

Hello from Venice. To locals it doesn't seem this hot I suppose.


You can rent a Gondola for 100 euro per hour.

Cute balcony in Venice

Cute balcony.

San Marco Venice

Closing in to San Marco.

Marriage in Venice

Great place to get married I suppose.

Venice explorers

Met the rest of our team.

San Marco square. As always full of people.

San Marco square. As always full of people.

A little of Christmas decoration in Venice

A little of Christmas decoration.

Basilica of St. Mark

Basilica of St. Mark is the seat of the Patriarch of Venice.

Scene in Venice

Some kind of a scene.

retriever in Venice

Best dog in the world.

Boris and me in Venice.

Too serious! Need more FUN!

Details in Venice

A love the level of details on every single building.

Beautiful Venice

Beautiful Venice.

The Campanile or bell tower in Venice.

The Campanile or bell tower on St. Mark's Square.

rows in Venice

Huge row to enter the tower. It might be a good view from it but you need several hours to get a chance to climb it.

Tourists in Venice

Tourists everywhere.

No signs of New Year in Venice

But still don't see any signs that New Year is coming.

I like Venice.

And I totally like it.

Four horse statues at the entrance to St Mark's Basilica

Four horse statues at the entrance to St Mark's Basilica.

Christmas tree in Venice

Finally - I see my first Christmas tree in Venice.

Birds in Venice

You have to be careful for the birds. I almost got a headshot. :)

Heart of Venice

Chilling in the very heart of Venice. And let me remind you that it's the 30-th of December!

Glint-vein in Venice

Glint-vein in Venice. Really delicious.

Old buildings in Venice

I just love these old buildings.

Beautiful Venice

I wonder how it is like here at night. Probably even more beautiful then at daylight.


Another beautiful building.

Street in Venice.

On our way back to the station.

Bag with oficial symbol of Venice

Bag with oficial symbol of Venice.

Retorante in Venice.

Retorante in Venice.

A head of unicorn

A head of unicorn. I don't know why it's here :)

Christmas menu in Venice

Christmas menu :)


Back to the station. This is the scene you see when you arrive to Venice and when you inevitably leave it. Goodbye! We will definitely return.

Playing Need for Speed on iPad mini

Playing Need for Speed on iPad mini. What else can you do on a train?

Great trains in Venice.

Taking a train back. Trains are much more comfortable then some plains that fly in Riga.

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