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First city to visit in 2013 - Ljubljana

The next morning after Rome we continued our trip and very soon found ourselves in a very small beautiful city of Slovenia - Ljubljana.

Ljubljanathe capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. With approximately 280 000 inhabitants, it classifies as the only Slovenian large town.

Recycle bin in Ljubljana

The town itself is very small. You can feel European spirit in it but in general it reminds of a Poland or Lithuania.

A monument of Fran Miklošič

A monument of Fran Miklošič - Slovene philologist.

Center of Ljubljana

To be honest when you enter the city it looks really ugly. Absolutely nothing to see. This is until you enter the very center - the old town with the castle on top of the hill.

Strange ATM in Ljubljana

Very strange ATM. First thing that comes in mind - WTF? Maybe you have to pray for the money there :)

Best Christmas decoration in Ljubljana

In the very center area you can witness lots of decorations. They remind more of the end of the world instead of the Christmas spirit. But I can imagine they will look awesome at night.

Speakers all around Ljubljana town

The cool thing about this old part of the town is that there were speakers hanged all around the city with beautiful Christmas music. What a cool idea. Makes walking around much more pleasant.

Hanging shoes in Ljubljana

Another funny decoration. Lots of old shoes just hanging across the street.

Hanging shoes in Ljubljana

Here is a closer look. You can see the castle on the background.

Hanging shoes in Ljubljana

They look even cooler when the sun sets.

Huge hat in Ljubljana

Then we've found a huge hat right in the middle of the street.

Gudar restaurant in Ljubljana

This is Gudar. That's all there is to say.

Micky and Mini at Christmas in Ljubljana

Some Disney friends celebrating New Years.

Night decorations in Ljubljana

While we were eating, it got really dark, so we had a chance to admire all the decorations at night.

Great decorations in Ljubljana

And boy was it worth it.

Best decorated town - Ljubljana

I have to admit. This is the best decorated town we have seen on our trip. You can't even compare it to Rome or Venice.

Castle in Ljubljana at night

There's the castle in light blue color. It's a shame we didn't have time to go up and see it.

Christmas market in Ljubljana

Small Christmas market with hot vine and nuts.

Beautiful Ljubljana

The darker it got, the more people appeared.

Photo frame as a decoration in Ljubljana

Very cool idea to show a photo frame in decoration as a hint for a cool scene. Can you see it?

Christmas evening in Ljubljana

Christmas evening in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Beautiful Ljubljana

Not as warm as it was in Rome.

best Christmas spirit in Europe

Who would guess that in such a small town you can find the best Christmas spirit in Europe. Amazing.

Ljubljana - such a wonderful city

And the decorations don't stop there. Parks are also quite interesting and unique. It was time to move on but we sure were glad to have visited such a wonderful city.

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