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Visiting Vienna

The last city of our trip was Vienna. I've never been there so didn't really know what to expect.

Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna

Out tour in Vienna began from the Naturhistorisches Museum or The Museum of Natural History.

one of the important museums of the world

It is one of the important museums of the world. Interesting that it consists of two absolutely similar building.

Maria Theresa Monumen

Maria-Theresa Monumen by the Museum of Natural History.

January in Vienna

It was the third of January and wasn't as hot as it was in Rome.

solar batteries in Vienna

Interesting that parking machines are equipped with solar batteries.

Bicycle transport in Vienna

Bicycle transport is also quite popular in Vienna. Of course not as much as it is in Amsterdam.

Old trams in Vienna

Still some old fashioned trams.

Austrian Parliament Building

And here is the gorgeous Austrian Parliament Building.


Pallas-Athena-Brunnen in front of parliament.

Parliament building on Ringstraße

Parliament building on Ringstraße, Vienna, Austria.

Bronze horse tamer in Vienna

Bronze horse tamer (Rossbändiger) by the Parliament building.

Clock statue in Vienna

Clock statue on the street.

Votive Church in Vienna

Huge Votive Church in Vienna.

Christmas decorations in Vienna.

Some kind of a Christmas decorations.

The Votive Church is a neo-Gothic church

The Votive Church is a neo-Gothic church located on the Ringstraße in Vienna.

Demonstrations in Vienna

Some kind of a demonstration by the church.

Traffic lights in Vienna

Interesting traffic lights. First time do I see something like this.

Vienna streets

These dolls in the window can really scare someone. Especially at night.

Fountain on one of the streets in Vienna

Fountain on one of the streets in Vienna.

St. Peter's Church

You can see St. Peter's Church at the end of the street which is a Baroque Roman Catholic parish church.

Buildings in Vienna

Every building in the city center is beautifully decorated.

The Pestsäule sculpture

The Pestsäule - one of the most well-known and prominent pieces of sculpture in the city.

Leonardo Da Vinci sculpture in Vienna

I'm not sure but it really does look like a Leonardo Da Vinci sculpture.

St Stephens Cathedral Vienna

St Stephens Cathedral. It looks like Vienna has really lots of beautiful cathedrals.

Christmas decorations in Vienna

Another Christmas decorations. These look much better. The largest Christmas balls that I've seen.

Christmas decoration in Vienna

Hope it won't fall down.

Christmas tree in Vienna

Beautiful Christmas tree

Comics store in Vienna

Cool comics store. It's a shame we didn't manage to visit it.

Beautiful Vienna

Enjoying the city.

Mozart shop in Vienna

Of course we had to visit the Mozart shop as well.

viel Glück from Vienna

Viel Glück - which means Good Luck :)

Restaurant in Vienna

Every restaurant has its unique idea. Looks great.

Restaurant in Vienna

Another restaurant.

Ice cream in Vienna

Tastes quite delicious to be honest.

Drunk Santa in Vienna

And here is the real New Years symbol. I'm not sure if it's right to show it to kids. But it did attract a lot of attention.

I love Vienna sign

I love Vienna.

Horse coach in Vienna

We just had to take a picture by the horse with an ice cream. :)

Christmas tree attached to a pillar

Every pillar has a Christmas tree attached to it. Quite strange.

Pillar in Vienna

Another interesting pillar with St Stephens Cathedral on the background.

St Stephens Cathedral wall

St Stephens Cathedral wall.

Beautiful Vienna

The city center is still full of decorations.

Benches in Vienna

Cool benches.

Building decoration in Vienna

Building decoration in Vienna, Austria.

Streets of Vienna

Streets of Vienna.

Statue protection from pigeons in Vienna

Interesting how they are protecting statue from the pigeons.

Horse coach in Vienna

Another horse coach. Looks quite interesting and comfortable.

B52 in Vienna

It's lunch time. Had one B52 to warm up.

Classical scales in Vienna

Classical scales on the street.

Beautiful Vienna.

Even though we had only half a day in this city we sure did like it a lot. And we can see why it is admitted as of the best places to live in Europe.

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