"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

One day trip to Geneve

After snowboarding for 3 whole days we decided to take a break and visit Geneva which was only 100 km away from Chamonix valley. Sounds like an ideal opportunity for us.

Roads in Alps to Geneve

The next morning we woke up and set our navigation straight for the Geneva, which was about 100 km away from Chamonix.

Brick bridges in Alps

The weather was wonderful so were the roads. And I just love these classic old brick bridges.

Train viaduct in Alps

This is a train viaduct. Looks staggering.

Beautiful Alpin roads

Beautiful Alpin roads near Mont Blanc.

Clouds over the road in Alps

Unfortunately once we drove over the hill the weather changed dramatically. Clouds ahead.

Clouds over the road in Alps

In just few seconds it got completely dark.

Beautiful Geneve

An hour later we were in Geneve. The first thing you see is the Jet d'Eau fountain - symbol of Genve.

The Jet d'Eau fountain in Geneva, Switzerland

The Jet d'Eau fountain in Geneva, Switzerland

Statue of horse & naked man

Statue of horse & naked man.


Nice sitting chair right in front of the Geneva lake.

dirty lake Geneva

And here is the lake Geneva itself. It is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. Not as clean as it may seem.

background of the Jet d'Eau fountain

Me and Alex on the background of the Jet d'Eau fountain. It can be seen from almost any place near the lake.

Yachts on the Geneva lake bank

The whole bank of the lake is taken by many yachts.

Protests in Geneva

As we were walking we spotted some kind of protest near government buildings. After all this is Geneva - the ideal place for demonstrations.

Taking photos in Geneva

I guess everyone wants to take their own photo.

the Jet d'Eau fountain - largest fountain in the world

A closer look at the Jet d'Eau fountain. It is also one of the largest fountains in the world. Situated at the point where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhone River, it is visible throughout the city and from the air, even when flying over Geneva at an altitude of 10 km.

Jet d'Eau fountain and the bench.

You can be admired from almost any place of the city.

Jet d'Eau fountain from the mouth

Alex even thought of something like this.

Jet d'Eau fountain

There really isn't that much to take photos of on the lake shore.

Beautiful Geneva

We were lucky to have such a wonderful weather. It turned out it was the last sunny day in that region that week.

Bernese Mountain dog

The very symbol of Switzerland - Bernese Mountain dog.

Ferrari in Geneva

It seems that things are going pretty well in Geneva.

S class taxi in Geneva

S class taxi. Really nice.

Playing basketball in Geneva

Alex is playing basketball with his bag. Not the best idea. :)

Traffic light in Geneva

Complex traffic light.

Broken Chair on the Place des Nations

Completely accidentally we ended up near a huge chair. Turns out it's the Broken Chair on the Place des Nations which is made out of 5.5 tons of wood.

Broken Chair on the Place des Nations

Broken Chair on the Place des Nations.

United Nations building in Geneva

United Nations building.

Jet d'Eau fountain closeup

One more look at the Jet d'Eau fountain. It appears it is possible to come much closer to it.

Jet d'Eau fountain in Geneva

Already got a red nose from the sun on the mountains.

Starbucks in Geneva

And of course nowhere without Starbucks.

Alps on the background of Geneva

You can see Alps on the background of the city.

Geneva is nature friendly

In general this city seems to be very nature friendly.

Moulin rouge night club in Geneva

Moulin rouge night club in Geneva.

Volkswagen L1 car in Geneva

Suddenly I spotted something interesting. The Volkswagen L1, as its name implies, is a one-liter hybrid car that uses a 0.8 L 2 cylinder diesel engine mated to a 10 kw electric motor and a lithium ion battery that is not grid-chargeable. It delivers 40 hp and 0 to 60 time is 14.3 seconds. Not the most powerful car but looks quite cool.

Mini police cars in Geneva

Mini police cars.

Tram wires in Geneva

Awfully a lot of tram wires.

Beautiful Geneva

And that is pretty much it of Geneva. Really nice city which makes you want to come back. Now it's time to head back to Chamonix to have some more snowboarding fun.

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