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Studies in Cambridge

I always wondered what it's like to study in Cambridge - one of the top place in the world. And this spring I had just such an opportunity. So here is quick overview of this student city.

Flying to Cambridge

This spring I had to fly to Cambridge to participate in IT courses. I was really excited about the trip especially as I got to see one of the best student cities - Cambridge.

cute Hatfield

Before Cambridge I stayed in Hatfield - a small really British city.

Cathedral in Cambridge

And here we can see Cambridge. It is famous for many towers and cathedrals. Here is one of them.

Tree decorations in Cambridge

Interesting tree decorations.

Cash machine in Cambridge

What a neat idea - no cash left overnight. And by the way cash machine is working on a solar battery. Pretty cool.

Old style houses in Cambridge

Old style houses

Castle in Cambridge

This house more reminds me of a castle than just of a typical family house.

back yard in Cambridge

Some houses have quite an interesting back yard.

Beautiful house with back yard in Cambridge

Could be quite a nice place to live.

Center of Cambridge

The very center of Cambridge.

St. Mary's University Church in Cambridge

St. Mary's University Church.

medievals in Cambridge

The whole city consists of mostly old stone or brick buildings which create this stunning medieval age atmosphere.

Cafe Carringtones - in the heart of Cambridge

Cafe Carringtones - in the heart of Cambridge.

Beautiful Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Beautiful Cambridge

I like this old man who is standing above. I wonder how many people things and events he has seen already.

Man standing on a balcony in Cambridge

There he is standing on a balcony.

Bicycles in Cambridge

You can say that this is a student city by the amount ob bicycles as well. I haven't seen so many bicycles in any other UK city.

old narrow streets of Cambridge

Admiring old narrow streets of Cambridge.

Beautiful Cambridge.

I think I could walk here all day long.

A church near a house in Cambridge

A church near a house.

Cute restaurants and bars in Cambridge

Cute restaurants and bars.

St. Mary's University Church.

Another glance at St. Mary's University Church.

Cat in Cambridge

I think someone is watching me :)

Beautiful Cambridge

Another living area I suppose.

peaceful and quite Cambridge

It really is a great place for studying. No huge city distractions. So peaceful and quite.

Nature friendly Cambridge

And of course really nature friendly. Lots of different animals in the park.

Two swans playing ball in Cambridge

Two swans playing ball in Cambridge.

post decorations

The same decorations on the posts as we've seen before.

Jesus Green park in Cambridge

Jesus Green park in Cambridge.

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