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A day in Hague

After Keukenhof flower parade our next stop was the small town of Hague. Lets see what kind of town is this.

Madurodam Miniature City in Hague

Madurodam, Miniature City, The Hague

Madurodam, Miniature City in Hague

Unfortunately there were too many people inside so we decided not to wait in line this time. But this place is sure worth visiting.

Madurodam, Miniature City in Hague

Fooling around :)

Bicycles in Netherlands

As in all Netherlands bicycles are absolutely everywhere.

Beautiful Hague

At first glance very cute and beautiful city.

Bicycle parking in Hague

Bicycle parking. I don't think we have so many bicycles in whole country.

China town in Hague

Local china town.

Beautiful Hague

Let's explore this city.

China town in Hague

Something like a china town street.

Bicycles in Hague

Bicycles on almost every photo.

Bicycles in Hague

Cute Hague

Another cute narrow street.

Spring in Hague

Looks like an autumn even though it's April.

Amusement park in Hague

Accidentally found amusement park.

Squirrel from the ice age in Hague

And of course I had to go and win something. For example this squirrel from the ice age.

Getting lucky in Hague

Second try and I got lucky :)

Won squirrel in Hague

Lucky price.

The very center of Hague

The very center of Hague.

Center of beautiful Hague

Lovely animals all around the city.

New town of Hague

Hague, Netherlands. Old town on the foreground with new town on the background.

Classical bar in Hague

Classical town.

Funny cars in Hague

I'm not sure how to drive it :)

Beautiful Hague

Such a beautiful small town.

Beautiful Hague

And actually this is pretty much it.

Beautiful Hague

Last glance on this town..

Beautiful Hague

..and we continue our journey to Rotterdam.

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