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Exploring San Francisco - Part 1

I sure didn't think I would be back here so soon but here I am. Last time I visited this wonderful city was in September and only 7 months later here I am back, participating in O'Reilly web development conference. What a great chance to see this wonderful city one more time.

Airplane to New York

Before getting to San Francisco we had to make a connection stop in Helsinki and New York. In total it was almost a 24 hour flight.

Big apple in New York

Finally we are in New York - the big apple. I'm sur glad to see it again. Love this city.

Airport in New York

Unfortunately we had only few hours in New York so we didn't get much to see. Just an outside view and that's it.

JFK airport in New York

Looking for a flight to San Francisco.

American flags USA

Americans are real patriots. Sure didn't see so many flags in Latvia airport.

Hilton hotel in San Francisco

And finally 24 hours later we are in San Francisco and checking in. We had an O'Reilly fluent conference to attend the next morning.

View from Hilton hotel on San Francisco

We were living in a business center. A view from our hotel. Not the best view to be honest.

San Francisco business center

Here how the business center looks like. Nothing special. Just huge skyscrapers down the street.

Beautiful San Francisco

The next day the weather was much better. So at lunch time we decided to explore the city a little bit more.

San Francisco tree house

This is my second time here but still it's really interesting to explore the city.

San Francisco cable car trams

Probably the most popular tram in the world. Actually they are more of a cable cars, since they are being pulled by a cable that goes under the tram.

San Francisco classical tram

It costs 6$ to drive them and they are always full of tourists. I drove them once and it isn't quite comfortable.

San Francisco busy streets

One of the busiest street in down town with mayor stores like Macy's and Victoria's Secret.

Union square in San Francisco

And of course the Union Square. Small park right in the center of the business center.

A heart statue in Union Square

A heart statue with a Golden Gate bridge picture in Union Square.

Statue of the Dewey Memorial in Union Square

Statue of the Dewey Memorial in Union Square.

San Francisco China town

As the evening came we decided to grab a bite in China town. As it turned out later this wasn't our best decision.

San Francisco China town

China town in San Francisco considered to be one of the best in the world. A found it quite dirty and noisy. Nothing particularly interesting.

Graffiti van in San Francisco

Poor van. Or maybe this is stylish :)

San Francisco monument in downtown

Some kind of a monument. I believe it means something but I just have no idea what.

Bay bridge at night in San Francisco

By the time we got to the Bay bridge it was already dark. Maybe it's for the best since it looks stunning at night.

San Francisco port at night

Port of San Francisco. Beautiful.

San Francisco business center night view

And here is the view on the business center at night from the port. Of course this is not a Manhattan but still pretty nice.

San Francisco night streets

Busy night streets.

San Francisco dirty streets

The next morning we woke up really early. At about 4 AM and decided to see the sunrise. We had plenty of time since the conference started at 9 AM. Early streets of San Francisco remind me more of a Brooklyn to be honest.

San Francisco bay bridge view from the streets

And here is the same Bay Bridge that we saw last night.

Bay bridge in San Francisco

It looked better at night didn't it?

Sunrise in San Francisco

And here is the sunrise. Not exactly the one we were hoping for but still quite impressive.

Bay Bridge pillons

The massive bridge pillons.

Bay bridge in San Francisco

The Bay Bridge offers the only direct automobile connection to the East Bay.

San Francisco Bow and arrow monument

Rincon Park and Cupid's Span with the San Francisco skyline and The Embarcadero in the background.

Pier for pedestrians in San Francisco

A small pier mostly for fishermen.

San Francisco port and downtown

Another glance at the port.

San Francisco fishermen port

Yeap, this place is definitely ment for the fishermen.

San Francisco gull.

American gull. Doesn't seem to be afraid of people.

The Transamerica Pyramid

The Transamerica Pyramid is the tallest skyscraper in the San Francisco skyline and one of its most iconic.

The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco

The tower has no public access except for the first floor lobby, thus visitors cannot ascend to the top for a panoramic view.

San Francisco shopping at Macy's

At lunch time we decided to go for a little shopping at Macy's.

San Francisco mustage car pillow.

I'm not sure what kind of a trend this is but these mustage pillows are really popular there.

San Francisco Hyde street view

In the evening we decided to take a walk by the most popular street in San Francisco - the Hyde street. The one with the trams and the Alcatraz on the background.

Lombard street in San Francisco

If you go down the Hyde street you will cross a Lombard street that leads to a Russian hill. I'm not sure why it is called this way.

San Francisco sunset

Sun sets over San Francisco hills.

San Francisco Hyde street with the Alcatraz

And here it is. The end of the Hyde street and the Alcatraz island.

San Francisco golden gate bridge sunset

First glance at the Golden Gate bridge.

San Francisco Alkatraz

By the time we came closer to the shore the sun has already set and it was almost completely dark.

San Francisco Fishermen Wharf

Popular Fishermen Wharf. Bikers everywhere.

San Francisco bay at sunset

Beautiful view on the Golden Gate bridge after the sunset.

San Francisco bay

Such a beautiful view.

San Francisco Pier 39 at night.

Another beautiful evening. A view from the popular Pier 39.

San Francisco Pier 39 with sea lions.

It's hard to see all the sea lions that are resting in the docs.

San Francisco night streets.

After having a great meal at Rock Cafe we headed back to our hotel.

Foursquare discount at Rock cafe

By the way I've used Foursquare to check in at Rock Cafe and got a 15% discount. Nice.

Walking in San Francisco

By the end of the day we have walked 28.5 km. My personal best :)

San Francisco car lot

The next morning we took a walk to have some breakfast. Checking local prices for the cars. Not that expensive.

Graffiti in San Francisco

Neat graffiti for car parking.

San Francisco boat car

A boat car. Heading for the sea I suppose. :)

San Francisco pacific ocean

Such a beautiful beach. Ideal place for surfers and kiters.

Pacific beach in San Francisco

After another conference day we decided to head straight for the beach at the Pacific ocean. My most favorite place in San Francisco.

Pacific ocean beach

As always windy and fresh.

Kite surfers at the pacific ocean beach

I guess it's time to start learning kite surfing.

San Francisco kite surfers


San Francisco pacific ocean beach

Surfers resting at the beach.

San Francisco pacific ocean

Paradise for surfers.

San Francisco bench at the pacific ocean

A great place to read a book or just enjoy the sunset.

San Francisco Ocean beach

So far my most favorite beach in the world.

San Francisco Cliff House view

Stunning view on the Pacific ocean from the Cliff House.

Beautiful San Francisco

Here I am :)

Pacific ocean and San Francisco bay

And here is a place where Pacific Ocean enters the San Francisco bay.

Beautiful Pacific ocean

Golden Gate bridge is located right behind the cliffs.

San Francisco Cliff house

Cliff House. The best place to eat in San Francisco with the most beautiful view. And not as expensive as you would think.

Planes over San Francisco

Hard to say why those plane are flying so close.

Golden gates bridge

And here is the Golden Gate bridge from the other side of the city. Like a real gates to San Francisco.

Pacific ocean sunset

While we are waiting for our meal we can see that all surfers are gone and city is getting ready for another sunset.

Pacific ocean sunset

And here it is. Pacific ocean sunset.

Cliff house evening in San Francisco

Best place to watch the sunset.

Sunset in San Francisco

Sunset in San Francisco.

Sunset in San Francisco

Another day has passed. Time to head back to our hotel.

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