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Exploring San Francisco - Part 2

Our second part included exploring probably the most popular bridge in the world - The Golden Gate bridge. Later on we decided to get a swim in the ocean and explore the golden gate park.

Golden gate bridge

First thing we did in the morning after renting a car is heading right straight for the bridge.

Crossing golden gate bridge.

Crossing the bridge for the first time.

Beautiful San Francisco

Beautiful view on the city from the other side of the channel.

Photo on the background of the golden gate bridge

Classical photo.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean.

Golden gate bridge

It is possible to drive down under the bridge but we decided to head on and drive up the hill.

Bears inside the Ford Mustang in San Francisco

Ford Mustang bears enjoying the view as well.

Ford Mustang bears in San Francisco

I wonder how long have they been sitting here?

Photo on a San Francisco background

Personal photo :)

Bench on a hill in San Francisco

What a great place to enjoy the view.

San Francisco hills

This hill used to be a military base during the second world war.

San Francisco bay

Can you find a Ford Mustang car with the bears?

Plane over golden gate bridge

Must have been a great view from that plane.

San Francisco bay

Pacific ocean float into San Francisco bay.

Golden gate bridge in San Francisco

Classical view.

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Alcatraz island and the golden gate bridge

Alcatraz island on the horizon.

Sittin and admiring San Francisco

Could sit here all day long.

Eagle in San Francisco

Eagle in a wild. That's interesting.

San Francisco hills

Decided to drive up as high as possible.

Beautiful San Francisco

Now we are almost 300m high, more the the hight of the bridge itself.

Watching San Francisco from above

Nice view :)

San Francisco Geta team

Geta team in San Francisco.

San Francisco Rav 4

Our rental car. Not too comfortable given we were 5 people.

San Francisco bench

I wonder how old this bench is.

View on the Pacific ocean

View on the Pacific Ocean.

Hawk hill whatever this is

Hawk hill whatever this is.

San Francisco hills

Can't get any higher than this. Almost 330m above sea level.

San Francisco pacific view

Yeap, I like it here.

Stunning view on San Francisco

Can you really find any place with a better view?

Old benches in San Francisco hills

I wonder how old these benches are?

city of San Francisco

From one side there is a city of San Francisco.

View on the Pacific ocean

From the other - the Pacific ocean.

Lizard in San Francisco

Must be careful no to step on some small creatures like this lizard.

Beautiful golden gate bridge from above

One last glance and it's time to move on.

wonderful life in San Francisco

It's a wonderful life.

Passing Golden Gate bridge

Time to move on. Let's head for the beach.

American style car

Real American style vehicle.

Crazy Americans

Met some weird guy by the store.

Pacific ocean beach

Ready for a swim.

Ingus Kruklitis at the Pacific ocean

Such a wonderful weather.

Swimming in the pacific ocean

The water was pretty cold if I'm honest.

Dog running in the water

At least for a dog it was cold.

Ingus Kruklitis in San Francisco

But I decided to stay on the beach.

Swimming in the pacific ocean

Not for us.

San Francisco golden gate park

The next destination was the Golden Gate park.

gull in San Francisco golden gate park

Can you spot a bird? :)

Tesla in San Francisco

Also noticed TEsla - the first super car that goes on electricity.

Japanese garden in Golden gate park in San Francisco

Once you are in the park you can visit the Japanese garden. It costs about 7$ and probably is worth it. It's not too big but the spirit is quite interesting.

Bridge in Japanese garden in San Francisco

A decorative moon bridge in the Tea Garden.

San Francisco Japanese garden

Actually very peaceful place to come and enjoy yourself for a while.

San Francisco Japanese garden

Really steep stairs right behing me. More like a wall stairs for me.

San Francisco Japanese garden

Real pond with lots of fishes. Like in a movie.

San Francisco Japanese garden SF tea garden

The Japanese Tea Garden

San Francisco Japanese garden in golden gate park

Such a beautiful place.

The oldest public Japanese garden in the world

The oldest public Japanese garden in the United States, this complex of many paths, ponds and a teahouse features native Japanese and Chinese plants. The gardens 5 acres contain many sculptures and bridges.

The Japanese Tea Garden

Stone block bridge goes all the way across the pond.

Golden gate park in San Francisco

We continue our walk down the park. I've been here before but the feelings are like your the first time here.

Golden gate park in San Francisco pond

Wild life is everywhere. Turtles are enjoying the sun right in the middle of the pond.

Golden gate park in San Francisco pond turtles

I suppose the water is perfectly clean if there is so much life all around us.

Golden gate park in San Francisco pond ducks

I guess it's time to move on.

Golden gate park in San Francisco flowers

Later that day we took the most beautiful road in the world and also visited Santa Cruz city but I will tell about it in the next post.

San Francisco and golden gate bridge at night

We came back to San Francisco when it was completely dark and of course decided to take another glance at the city at night from the same hills we were in the morning time.

San Francisco and Golden Gate bridge at night

Enjoying the view.

San Francisco and golden gate bridge at night stunning view

Yeap, this view was definitely worth all the trouble driving here again.

San Francisco and golden gate bridge at night view

Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, USA

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