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Beautiful sunny Santa Cruz

So we continue our journey. As you remember all morning we've spent exploring Golden Gate bridge area as well as the pacific ocean beach. Now it's time to leave San Francisco and visit Santa Cruz - one of the small cities by the pacific coastline in California.

Streets of San Francisco

So we continue our journey. All morning we've spent exploring Golden Gate bridge area as well as the pacific ocean beach. Now it's time to leave San Francisco and visit Santa Cruz - one of the small cities by the pacific coastline.

Pacific ocean road

The road by the beach tends to be quite sandy.

San Francisco hills

The plane seems to be flying so low.

Mighty pacific ocean

Now you can see why it's quite hard to swim in the ocean.

Pacific ocean waves

Even if there is a beach. But it's ideal place for surfers I guess.

local fishermen catching crabs in San Francisco

On our way to Santa Cruz we made a few stops. One of them was at the pier to witness local fishermen catching crabs.

Pier near San Francisco

The pier is a copule hundred meters long and goes straight into the ocean.

San Francisco crab

We just happen to eat one the day before. Tastes good.

Sea lion at the pacific ocean coastline

And we are not the only one who thinks that. Sea lion is searching for the food as well.

Sea lions in the ocean by San Francisco

So cool to see such animals in the wild.

Fishermen crabs in SF

Local fishermen gladly showed us what they've caught so far.

Crabs in San Francisco

This one is too small so he's gonna let him go.

Great waves in San Francisco

The winds are becoming even stronger so we decided to head ashore.

Squirrels at the beach in San Francisco

Then we spotted some other animals

Squirrels near Santa Cruz

The look absolutely nothing like in London or even New York.

Squirrels in Santa Cruz

And it doesn't seem like they would be afraid of people.

Pacific ocean squirrels

It seems like they are more interested in our cell phones.

Pacific coastline

Time to move forward. Stunning view from the road. Good thing I'm not a driver, so I have more time for admiring the view.

Stunning pacific ocean coastline near San Francisco

the problem with the view is that you just want to stop every 10 minutes to take some pictures of it or just to admire this coastline.

Pacific ocean coastline near Santa cruz

And here is 10 minutes lates..

pacific ocean coastline

Classical photo :)

Pacific ocean coastline

..and another 10 minutes lates. you just can't get enough of it.

Toyota Rav4 in San Francisco

At the end some people we too tired and stayed in the car while I was taking these photos.

Beautiful pacific coastline

Here is the result. Great ocean view.

Santa Cruz pacific ocean flowers

Interesting grass. Seems to be really strong.

Ingus Kruklitis at the pacific ocean

Have to be careful not to be hit by a wave.

Geta team in San Francisco

Geta team.

Beautiful lighthouse by the pacific ocean

One last stop before Santa Cruz that we had to make was by the lighthouse which looked pretty cool. I wish we had similar places in our country.

Santa Cruz pacific ocean view

Pacific ocean road from San-Francisco to Santa Cruz, USA.

Windsurfers near Santa Cruz

The further we went the hotter it became. As we crossed another 10 miles or so we noticed that the ocean was full of windsurfers.

Pacific ocean road

So once again we had to stop to take a closer look.

kite and wind surfers at the pacific ocean

Here is a closer look of the ocean with kite and wind surfers.

Santa Cruz beach street

And finally we are in Santa Cruz

Wonderful Santa Cruz city

First impression was really great. Such a wonderful city.

Beautiful Santa Cruz

It is famous for a few of it's places. First of which is of course it's amusement park.

Dogs in Santa Cruz

Dogs dogs dogs :))

Santa Cruz amusement park

Santa Cruz, USA.

Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk

Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk.

Santa Cruz positive city

All people are incredibly friendly and happy and I can see why.

Santa Cruz pier

The second most popular place is a huge pier that holds many different tourist stores, restaurants and even a place for sea lions.

Beach volley in Santa Cruz

The beach is at the very center of the city. So almost everyone here go surfing or play beach volley.

Beach street with the beach in Santa Cruz

Beach street, Santa Cruz, USA.

Santa Cruz pier

Traditional bench photo by the beach.

Road in Santa Cruz

Very interesting road that includes many different sea shell and star shapes. Very cute small details.

Santa Cruz card

Visiting some of the souvenir shops.

Vespa scooter in Santa Cruz

Vespa scooter. Would be cool to own one of these here.

Souvenir bag in Santa Cruz

Like my souvenir bag.

Positive people in Santa Cruz

And here is one of the locals playing really amazing music and spreading joy all over the place.

Santa Cruz small surf board

Thinking of getting one of these for myself as well.

View from the store in Santa Cruz

And by the way, this is one of the best views from the store window that I've ever seen. Feels like you're in a ship.

Santa Cruz amusement park

Traditional symbol of Santa Cruz - the amusement park right by the beach.

Sea lions in Santa Cruz

Sea lions that I mentioned earlier. Resting under the pier.

Bench in Santa Cruz

He came down from heaven and danced on earth.

Bar & Grill in Santa Cruz

Bar & Grill. Really delicious place to eat.

Bar & Grill menu in Santa Cruz

Menu cover in the bar. Shows the spirit of the city.

Beautiful evening in Santa Cruz

By the time we've finished eating the sun had already set so we headed back to San Francisco to take those night photos of the Golden Gate bridge you have already seen in the previous post.

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