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Silicon valley overview

On our trip to San Francisco we also visited Silicon valley and checked out Googolplex, Apple office and other companies in Cupertino.

Entrance to Cupertino

Once we were in California there was no chance we would miss seeing silicon valley. And of course one of the town we visited was Cupertino - the home of Google and Apple.

The Google street

And here is the first sign that we are close. The Google street.

Google destrict

Since it was saturday the streets were really empty. Almost no people or car at all.

Google sign in silicon valley

And here is the Google district. Actually just a huge area with different office buildings and Google signs.

Google bikes

Google bicycles for the employees. All in the colours of google logo.

Riding a google bike

We also decided to take a ride with them..

Google security car

But as soon as we did the Google security came and told us not to take photos in this area.

Visitor center at Google

So we went for another visitor center.

Android sculptures at Google

Lots of different Android sculptures near visitor center.


Android symbol

Big Android symbol.

Silicon valley streets in Cupertino

But in general it is a very cute peaceful neighbourhood.

Google street

The next step was Apple office.

Apple office in silicon valley

Apple office is even less noticeable.

Apple signs in silicon valley

All you can see are these small apple signs by the road.


Apple main office building.

And this is Apples main building. Yeap - this is where your iphone was designed.

Apple main office in Silicon valley

Apple campus. weel actually nothing impressive there. And we were told that the same thing is with Facebook office.

Road trip through California

Of course there are much much more companies then we've seen like Ebay, Yahoo, Oracle, Intel, Cisco, AMD, Adobe but we just didn't have time for all of them so we left silicon valley and headed for the next place on our list - Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

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