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London - again and again

London again and again! Yeap, here I am, once again in this beautiful city. This time I was here only for a few days for the world famous LeWeb conference and I was lucky enough to catch such a wonderful weather.

Beautiful London

I've described London for many times now. So this time I'l just show you some more photos of this beautiful city without description of the places. Check out the view from the Buckingham palace.

Beautiful London city

But in case you are interested in a London a little bit more you can check out my previous posts:
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Skies over London

Skies over London are always full of airplanes and choppers.

Hyde park

This is a famous view of the Hyde park. Notice anything new? Compare it to the one I took in 2010. The new Shard building can be seen almost from any place in London.

Hyde park animals

Famous Hyde park birds. I just love this place.

Resting in a Hyde park

People sure know how to enjoy a good weather in London.

Hyde park corner

Very cute little building right on the corner of the Hyde park.

Squirrels in London

And of course - squirrel. Closer look.

Hyde park in London

Beautiful Hyde park. One of my most favourite places in London.

Signs in London

Some signs have even their own custom lightning. How cool is this?

Smart car in London

Funny green smart car. You can see in London practically anything.

Big Ben view

Approaching the Big Ben.

Classical London cabs

Classical London cabs. By the way the can fit up to 7 people inside.

The Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster with the UK flag

Westminster Abbey LeWeb

And here is a place where LeWeb conference took place - Westminster Abbey. Pretty much in the very center of London.

The Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben

The Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill monument in London

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill monument.

Mighty Big Ben tower

A closer look of the mighty Big Ben tower.

Planes over London

I'm telling you! Every time you look up you will see at least one plane over London. In most cases you'll see several.

Wedding in London

Classical photo shooting place. Red telephone cabin and the Big Ben.

Green park wild life

Green park is full of animals as always.

Duck island cottage

Duck island cottage right in the center of London.

London big red bus

Fast and the Furious - at the moment the most popular and awaited movie in theatres.

Bicycles in London

A lot of people choose bicycles instead of the public transport. At least when it's sunny.

The women of world war two

New monument to remember all the women that participated and died in the World War Two.

Telephone cabine, underground and The Palace of Westminster

Classical symbols of London and Britain - Telephone cabin, underground and The Palace of Westminster.

Squirrel in London

And another cute squirrel. They are absolutely everywhere.

Black swans in the Green park

Black swans in the park. Also really beautiful if I'm honest.

London eye over the buildings

As we walk across the Green Park you can witness London Eye from time to time. Given that it's 135m high sometimes it's hard not to see it over the buildings.

Top of the London eye.

Busy skies of London and the London eye.

London eye cabins

Even though there are always huge lines for it it seems like now the cabins are half empty.

London eye tour

It is the tallest wheel in Europe, visited by over 3.5 million people annually. I've taken a tour only one. I guess one time is enough.

Trafalgar square

And of course once again - Trafalgar square. Second most popular meeting point in London. After the Piccadilly of Circus of course.

Trafalgar square

Have to admit - such a wonderful weather after all.

Nelson's Column in London

At the center of the square is the tall Nelson's Column which was built to commemorate the victory of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson over the French fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805.

Brick sign in London

Found an interesting brick sign that are so popular in Italy.

White Ferrari in London.

Ferrari in the center of London. Very nice.

Piccadilly Circus in London

And here is the Piccadilly Circus itself. One of the busiest and most popular crossroads in the world. And the meeting point for thousands of people every day.

Piccadilly Circus in London

Five streets meet at one point here.

BBC building in London

Main BBC building.

Love London

Love London. What else can I say?

LeWeb conference in London

And now it was time for the conference.

LeWeb 13 conference in London

I'm not gonna say much about it here. In general this is a conference where leaders of the Sharing Economy like Airbnb, ETSY, ZipCar, Yelp, TaskRabbit, LendingClub and so many more joined the stage to tell us about the sharing economy experience.

LeWeb conference in London

If you are interested more in this conference please see my report about it on my personal web page.

Google Glass presentation at the LeWeb conference

Here is a presentation of the google Glass for example.

Lunch time in London

Lunch time. Could you wish for a better place? Almost right in front of the Big Ben.

Lunch time in London near Big Ben

So many people all at one place.

A view from the Westminster Abbey

Here is another view from the window. Really like it here.

Piccadilly Circus at night

And here is the Piccadilly Circus later in the evening. I guess it never sleeps. Once it gets dark the streets are even more beautiful.

Piccadilly circus

The name 'Piccadilly' originates from a 17th century frilled collar named piccadil. Roger Baker, a tailor who became rich making piccadils lived in the area. The word 'Circus' refers to the roundabout around which the traffic circulated.

Piccadilly circus at night

And in fact- this is one of the busiest roundabouts in London. Even at night.

Gatwick airport from above

Time to go back home. Gatwick airport from above.

Flying over United Kingdom

Flying over United Kingdom.

Sunset over the Baltic sea and over Latvia

Sunset over the Baltic sea. Almost home.

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