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Couple days in Oslo

Since I work in a Norwegian company I tend to fly to Oslo from time to time. And this time I decided to take my camera and picture some interesting aspects of this city.

Opera house in Oslo

I start my post by showing probably the most popular building in Oslo - National Opera house.

Oslo opera house

It is a unique building. You can easily walk all the way around it as well as climb on top of it.

Oslo opera building

This is a small sculpture by the opera house. Kind of a symbol of a rising cliff from the water.

Exhibition of the opera house in Oslo

At the entrance you can find lots of different exhibitions.

Oslo view

The view on the Oslo from the Opera house. You can see a ski jump at the very end of the city up the hill.

Oslo opera building

The angled exterior surfaces of the building are covered with Italian marble and white granite and make it appear to rise from the water.

Oslo buildings

A new district right by the opera house. It looks just amazing. Every house has its own unique design.

Bench in Oslo

A bench with the view on the opera house.

Tiger sculpture in Oslo

The city is full with tiger sculptures. When I asked about it, I was told that Oslo counts as the city of tigers. But no one knows why :)

Main pedestrian street in Oslo

The main street that leads right up to the house of parliament.

Open air book store in Oslo

A book store right on the street.

Oslo wooden sign

Oslo wooden sign as a city decoration.

Traffic lights for colourblind people in Oslo

Most of the traffic light in the center of Oslo have double red lights. Still don't know why is it like this? It's for the colourblind people, so that they could better see which light is on.

Mini coopers in Oslo

At one point I've noticed lots of mini coopers down the street. "That's something new" - I thought.

Fountain in Oslo

Every fountain and sculpture has its own unique design.

The Glove in Oslo

The "Glove". This is the name of the statue. It used to be a market at this square. Now it's just a very pretty round about.

Piece of art in Oslo

Another interesting piece of art right in the middle of the city.

Aker Brygge statue

And here is one of the most popular areas in Oslo - Aker Brygge.

Aker Brygge in Oslo

It is a popular meeting place for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It hosts almost 12 million visitors a year which makes Aker Brygge Norway's biggest destination.

Aker Brygge yachts

This is one of the most expensive districts in Oslo, with many yachts and modern buildings.

Aker Brygge cannon statue

A statue of cannon at the Aker Brygge that reminds of the war times.

Light house watch tower

Light house watch tower by the water.

Modern art museum

Modern art museum in Oslo

Museum of modern art in Oslo

This is a unique museum that holds all kind of different pieces of art and sculptures, even the ones that are too ugly or offensive to put in others art museums all over the world.

Sculpture at the modern art museum in Oslo

Like this sculpture for instance. I'm not sure if this small "poo with eyes" is a real art, but I suppose it does belong here :)

Modern art museum in Oslo

The whole building itself is pretty awesome. It stands on the water and made out of wood, glass and steel. Looks really modern.

Aker Brygge buildings

Here are some buildings of the Aker Brygge district. It hosts the most expensive apartments in Oslo.

Shops and restaurants at Aker Brygge

The area consists of a shopping center with shops and restaurants, a cinema, office space, and apartments.

Aker Brygge district

I like the level of details. Here is a bench for example, that has it's own lightning in the grass and speakers with a pleasant music by the sides.

Aker Brygge performance

I was lucky to witness the acrobatic show that took place at exactly the same time I was passing by. Have to admit - these guys are amazing.

Aker Brygge performance

It looks so easy. I bet it's not.

Aker Brygge diving clown show

They showed us some clown tricks..

Aker Brygge fire diving show

At one point one man ignited himself. He was wearing a special suit but still it looked quite scary.

A man ignited himself at the Aker Brygge and dove

After standing for about 10 seconds or so he finally jumped into the water.

Aker Brygge man on fire diving show

I caught the very moment when he hit the water. The flames were pretty huge.

Aker Brygge diving man on fire

At the end I have to say that he was alive and pretty much ok and intact. The crowd loved the show.

Diving show at the Aker Brygge district in Oslo

The last stunt consisted of jumping from the very top of the platform. Can imagine how high it must have been for him.

The Aker Brygge district

The Aker Brygge district from the boat.

Aker Brygge building new buildings

As you can see it keeps developing. I suppose in a few years time it will become much larger and probably even more beautiful.

Ski jump in Oslo

And here you can see the popular ski jump. It's a shame I didn't have time to see it closer. Well, maybe next time :)

Beautiful nature in Oslo

Such a beautiful place. You are in the city but feels like somewhere hundreds miles away from it.

Norwegians Arctic explorers

On the other side of the Aker Brygge there is a place with a memorial for the first Norwegians Arctic explorers. Such small people by the way. Unfortunately the names of the heroes are missing.

Driving a speed boat in Oslo

At the end of my last evening I was offered to be driven by a boat. And how can you say no to this. Driving your own boat right down the coastline of Oslo. Can it get any better than this?

A house on a cliff in Oslo

One of the most amazing houses I've ever seen. A house on the cliff. Gorgeous.

Stunning buildings in Oslo

Here we can see other new buildings and as always each of them is just a piece of architectural art.

Amazing bays and cliffs near Oslo

The Oslo consists of countless small bays. You have to drive for about 3 hours straight to get to an open sea.

Stunning nature in Oslo

I really love the landscape. Small cliffs everywhere. Looks awesome.

Beautiful bays in Norway

Here comes the end of our journey. After we have parked our speed boat we went to have some supper and the next day I already had to fly back to Riga. I hope you enjoyed this wonderful city as much as I have or at least got a small insight on the beauty of it.

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