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Autumn in London

On my way to Hawaii I had to make several connection flights. One of them was in London so I took the opportunity to spend a few days in this city and meet some of my friends there.

Beautiful London

Here I am once again back in the beautiful city of London!

Streets of London

And every time I walk down those streets I can't stop admire them. There is always something new and unique something different. You can also see my other great trips of this city:
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Busy streets of London

Busy streets of London. Always busy, full of action.

Piccadilly circus in London

Piccadilly circus is one of the places I visit every time. And every time I see different shows and performances from all kind of people.

Great performance on Piccadilly circus

Great performance on Piccadilly circus.

Trafalgar square

Right next to the Piccadilly circus is located Trafalgar square.

Country flags in Trafalgar square

Trafalgar square is always full of different events. This time there was some kind of an event with all country flags.

Latvian flag in Latvia

Here is Latvian as well. People from every country leave some coins on the appropriate flag.

Blue cock at Trafalgar square

Blue cock. This is something new. No idea what this means.

Squirrels in London

Another thing that London is famous for is of course its nature and animals.

Animals in London

In some cities these animals are located in the zoo. In London they are walking free in the parks.

Pelican in London

They seem to be used to people.

Squirrels in London

Even more. They are more than happy to meet people.

Feeding animals in London

So don't forget to feed them.

The Household Cavalry Museum

Another thing is the Horse Guards Parade near the Household Cavalry Museum.

The Household Cavalry Museum

The Household Cavalry Museum, London

Horse Guards Parade in London

The Horse Guards Parade.

The Household Cavalry Museum

Really impressive show.

Apple store on Regents street

This was the time when iPhone 5C and 5S came out, so Apple store was full of people. Well actually it always is.

Regents street

Since the Apple store is located on Regents street we've decided to check in one of my favourite places - Aqua bar, which is located right across the street.

Aqua bar in London

It is located on the sixth floor and has a very nice terrace. Usually in the evening time this place is full of people but at noon it was almost empty.

Aqua bar in London

In general nothing special. Just a nice place to have a drink especially during warm weather.

Aqua bar terrace

Beautiful warm autumn.

Tube in London

Next stop - Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf protest action

Strangely this is the first thing you see when you come to Canary Wharf. Some kind of a protest action or add I suppose.

Canary Wharf in London

For those of you who are not sure what Canary Wharf is - this is a London business district. It is completely different London with many skyscrapers and business people.

Canary Wharf in London

I was even told by the policeman not to take any photos of the entrances of the buildings. For security reasons.

Canary Wharf buildings

If you are fan of metal and glass architecture this is a place you want to go.

Canary Wharf and planes

Right next to Canary Wharf is London city airport. So you can see many planes crossing this area. Some fly really low.

Monument at Canary Wharf

Some kind of a monument. No idea what it means either. But looks interesting.

Subway entrance at Canary Wharf

Subway entrance.

Canary Wharf monuments

This might be a great place for creative photos. Just need to make sure not to picture something forbidden.

Shard in London

Right after Canary Wharf I've decided to visit Stratford and the Olympic village. I thought there might had been some interesting stuff to see.

Arcelor Mittal Orbit in London

Well - here we are. Arcelor Mittal Orbit. Spiralling 114 meters into the air in London 2012's Olympic Village, the red and silver tubular steel ArcelorMittal Orbit tower is both an abstract sculpture and a viewing platform that affords panoramic views of the host city.

Olympic stadium in London

Right next to it is the main Olympic Stadium.

Olympic village wallpaper

But when I tried to approach closer there was a huge fence. So practically almost nothing to see. Just a nice wallpaper.

Olympic village in London

To be honest the view was quite pathetic. Wouldn't recommend coming there.

Run letters in London Olympic Village

Some kind of huge letters that say "Run". Where? From who? Why? No idea.

Stratford's shopping center

We took a walk through Stratford's shopping center but since we weren't interested in shopping it was quite boring as well.

Arcelor Mittal Orbit in London

A different angle view at Arcelor Mittal Orbit with the Shard on the background.

Stratford stantion

At the end of Stratford you can see these interesting leafs I suppose.

Decorations at Stratford

Hard to say what they might mean. Maybe just something colourful and pretty. Who knows.

Dinner in London

A great place to have a business lunch, what me and my friend from London did.

London city district

The Royal Exchange in London. It was founded in 1568 by Thomas Gresham to act as a centre of commerce for the City of London.

London city district

The very center of London city district.

London city district

London city district stands somewhere in between of the modernism and old architecture.

Clock on the building in London city

Every detail on the buildings has its own purpose.

Inside out building in London city district

This building represents an inside out architecture. All details like elevator shaft and electric wires that are usually hidden inside the building are shown on the outside.

Decoration in the London city district

The huge aluminium ball that consists out of thousand small details. In general the symbol of nothing. So just a decoration.

London city district

Looks quite interesting and accurate.

BMW i8 in London

Later that evening I've noticed a new BMW i8. I think this is still a prototype. Not sure if there are some on the streets yet.

BMW i8 in London

But it looks quite amazing from any angle.

London eye at night

And in the end some photos at 3AM in the morning. Suddenly London became so quite and peaceful.

Big ben at night

The mighty Big Ben just stands still in the dark. Soon hundreds of tourists will cover it with thousands of photos.

Westminster's Palace by the rivers Thames at night

And the whole Westminster's Palace by the rivers Thames.

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