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Beautiful Hawaii - Part 1

Hawaii sounds like a paradise. Everyone has heard of it but it is quite hard to get there. Especially from Europe. First of all this isn't the cheapest place to go on vacation and second it is by far one of the furthest places to go from Riga - 11 320 km to be exact. But I was lucky enough to find an opportunity to visit this magical place and have to admit - it was deamn worth it..

Honolulu city in Hawaii

Coming to Hawaii I absolutely didn't know what to expect. Should I expect civilisation like it is common in USA or on the other hand a resort, kind of like Bahamas or Thailand. As it turned out Hawaii are both.

Honolulu city in Hawaii

First impression was quite amazing. Hawaii are definitely a resort but with a civilisation. Nothing like I've ever experienced.

Beautiful Honolulu city in Hawaii

On one hand this is like a paradise - palms, blue Pacific ocean, sandy beaches.

Honolulu city bay in Hawaii

But on the other hand there is Honolulu - huge modern city with skyscrapers, supermarkets, outlets and huge highways.

Palms in Hawaii

And together it really makes a perfect picture. One of the best places to live. But I will get to that part later.

Surfers in Hawaii Honolulu

As you may have already heard Hawaii is the number one place for surfing. Surfers are absolutely everywhere. Young, old, men and women - everybody surf.

Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii

As it turned out the day we've arrived was the last day of the parade. So we got there just in time to witness it. It was quite a show.

Princess at the parade in Honolulu, Hawaii

This is one of the Hawaiian princesses. They have many districts and every district has its own princess.

Old mercedes in parade in honolulu, Hawaii

Old Merg looks really cool in this aspect.

Hilton hotel in Honolulu

This really must be how paradise looks like. So green, clean and modern all at the same time. Here is a Hilton hotel. Nope we didn't stay there. :)

Fountain in Honolulu outlet.

Open air fountain in a huge outlet. The temperature in Hawaii is almost always +32C so there is no need for a roof at all.

Microsoft store in Honolulu, Hawaii

Microsoft store is located right across the Apple store. Haven't seen any of those yet.

Beach in Honolulu in Hawaii

But the main part is of course the beaches. Yeap, this is like you've imagined it would be. A great pedestrian path right down the ocean with palms and different restaurants.

Honolulu beaches

The beach is right next to the city. Here for instance is less than 3m from the city to the ocean.

Surfing lessons in Honolulu

Surfing lessons right on the beach. I will describe my experience later on.

Beautiful Honolulu beach

It was late september but the swimming season never ends here. It doesn't matter if it is July or January.

Diamond head in honolulu

All those people at the back are surfers waiting for the perfect wave. And that cliff on the background is called Diamond head - a small crater which you can hike.

Water bike in Honolulu

Very interesting bike that you can ride on the water.

Blue ocean water in Honolulu

The water is really that light blue. The same as in Thailand only this time we are in a huge beautiful city instead of a desert island.

Ocean blue water in Honolulu

I guess it's time for a swim. Who would ignore such a wonderful water.

bicycle statue in Honolulu, Hawaii

Very original idea, a stand to lock your bicycles to.

Honolulu - capital of Oahu island

Just a few minutes off the beach and you are in a huge city. For those of you who still is mixing the names - this is Honolulu - the capital of Oahu island. Oahu island is one of the seven Hawaiian islands.

Surfing statue in Honolulu

Another statue of the surfer. Starting to realise how popular surfing is, right?

K. Gandhi statue in Honolulu

Right in the center of Honolulu is located the main Zoo. In front of it is a statue of K. Gandhi.

Old trees in Honolulu

Very old trees. Roots are hanging from the top and go all the way to the ground.

Colourful trees in Honolulu zoo

Even trees are so colourful here.

Honolulu Zoo

The zoo itself is nothing special if I'm honest. A couple of zebras, giraffes..

Animals in Honolulu zoo

mountain lion..

Honolulu zoo animals

Isn't he from the Ice Age?

Baboon in Honolulu zoo

Real baboon. Never seen any of those before.

Elephants in Honolulu zoo

Some elephants are hiding in the shadow. In general nothing special about the Zoo. Wouldn't recommend as a number one place to visit.

Surfing in Honolulu

As the evening came you can see how many people are still in the water. Most of them are surfers catching the waves.

Watching the sunset in Honolulu at the beach

People are watching the sunset like some kind of a show. And you can see why.

Sunset in honolulu Hawaii

Beautiful sunset.

Sunset in Hawaii

At the end the sun got hidden in the clouds.

Honolulu Cheesecake Factory

One of the best places to eat is of course - The Cheesecake factory. Honolulu Cheesecake factory is the busiest in America. You need to stand in line for at least an hour to get a table.

Ocean park in honolulu

The next day we went to the Honolulu Ocean Park, to see Dolphin performance.

Dolphin show in Honolulu

It was pretty good, although not as good as it was in Tenerife.

Swimming with dolphins in Honolulu

But the best part was that you are allowed to swim with dolphins. Not as long as you wish but still.

Swimming with the dolphins in Honolulu

You are able to touch them, feed them, and get a ride of course.

Swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii

It was quite fun, something that I've always wanted to try.

Dolphin surf show

Of course you can't do something like this but still.

Parrots in Honolulu

And even parrots. Lots of them actually.

Honolulu is awesome

After ocean park we returned back to Honolulu to see some more of this wonderful city.

Sport in Honolulu

I just adore the way people are living here. Everybody do all kinds of sports. And wouldn't you?

Training in Honolulu

Really an amazing spirit. It makes you want to stat trainings too.

Sportsmen in Honolulu

Here is another example.

Sporty people in Honolulu, Hawaii

I guess there are training for some kind of performance.

Hawaii - paradise on earth

This really is a paradise on earth.

Small crabs in Hawaii

There are lots of different animals in Hawaii. Like small crabs for instance. But there are absolutely no poisonous insect at all.

Beautiful coastline of Hawaii

Took a walk by the ocean.

Honolulu coastline in Hawaii

Coastline of Honolulu.

Diamond head in Honolulu

Another view at the Diamond head crater.

Sunset in Honolulu

As the evening came I decided to go for a swim.

Swimming in the sunset of Honolulu

Yeap, this is me :)

Sunset in Honolulu

It's amazing that it can be so warm even at night.

Surfing under the sunset in Honolulu

Surfers are not intending to leave yet.

Beautiful evening in Honolulu, Hawaii

As the night came flambeau appeared all over the city.

Sunset in Honolulu, Hawaii

And the sunset as always is staggering.

Sunset in Hawaii

In Riga this sun creates a sunrise now but here we see the most amazing sunset.
Check out the second part of this trip.

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