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Beautiful Hawaii - Part 2

Here comes the second part of our Hawaii trip. In this part we've explored the night life, tried surfing, climbed Diamond head crater and explored new beaches all round Honolulu.

Trip to Hawaii part 2

The next day we decided to explore Honolulu a little bit more. And first first of all went to the beach.

Wedding in Hawaii

This is a very popular wedding place. Up to 5 couples got married there every day. Most of them are Japanese.

Beautiful Hawaii

This place is really beautiful. Awesome weather, nature, civilisation. Can't really get any better than this..

Hawaii paradise

Real paradise. Here is a view from the top!

Hanauma bay in Hawaii

Then we decided to drive a little bit further to find other beaches. This one is Hanauma bay where people go snorkelling.

Beaches in Hawaii

But that day we weren't much interested in snorkelling so we drove further to see some other beaches.

Great view in Hawaii

Here is another one for instance. Just look at this view.

Huge waves in Honolulu

And I found a beach with huge waves just of shore. And like every guy this was a perfect place for a swim for me.

Huge waves in Hawaii Ingus Kruklitis

The waves were twice my height. At one point it seemed quite dangerous as well. But it was so much fun.

Surfing in Hawaii

It's a shame I didn't have a surf board with me.

Huge waves in Hawaii Ingus Kruklitis

But it was quite amazing. I need at least few hours now.

Waves in Honolulu

Flying in the waves.

Swimming in huge waves in Hawaii

In most cases I got thrown back to the beach.

Sea shore in Hawaii

So we continued our journey. This is the shore scene where "Lost" was filmed.

Sea life in Hawaii

As you can see they have lots of different sea life over there.

View in Hawaii

Views are astonishing.

Surfing ih Hawaii

One of the "must" things in Hawaii that we had to try was of course surfing. So this is what we did next.

Ingus Kruklitis surfing in Hawaii

At first we've had some education on the shore and then it was time to get into water.

Surfing in Hawaii

Since I have s good experience in snowboarding it wasn't that difficult.

Surfing lessons in Hawaii

You just need to feel and know how to hold the balance and you'll be fine.

Surfing lessons in Honolulu

And of course what I beautiful place to learn surfing.

Surfing lessons in Honolulu, Oahu

Of course this is what happens if you forget about the leg position and balance.

Falling of the surfboard in Hawaii

Soldier's down..

Surf lessons in Honolulu

1.5 hours of surf lessons costs about 60$, plus 30$ for the photos if you wish of course. I certainly did. :)

Surfing lessons in Hawaii

By the end of the lesson I felt quite comfortable. At least on those small waves.

Surfing with the Diamond head on the background

It was a great experience. So lets move on.

Rainbow in Honolulu

Interesting rainbow on the Honolulu background.

Ingus Kruklitis in Hawaii

Some profile photos :)

Cool ATM in Honolulu Hawaii

Very stylish ATM machine. Hawaii style.

Old vintage car in Honolulu

I wonder how much does it costs to rent such a car.

Free outside gym in Hawaii

I found these sport items right on the street, so that people could train absolutely for free. Really neat.

Diamond head state monument

The next place to visit was the famous Diamond Head state monument that you've already seen so many times on my photos.

Diamond head crater

In general Diamond head is an old crater.

Diamond head state park

Here you can see it from the top. This broad, saucer-shaped crater was formed about 300,000 years ago during a single, explosive eruption that sent ash and fine particles in the air.

Climbing Diamond head

Now you can climb it using trails and stairs at the end.

View from the Diamond head top

It takes you about 20 minutes to climb up if you are quite fit or about 40 minutes if you are a lazy one. But either way the view is really spectacular.

Diamond head crater

This Hawaii's most recognised landmark is known for its historic hiking trail, stunning coastal views, and military history.

Diamond head - full of tourists

The problem with this place is that it is quite popular which means thousands of tourists.

Top o the Diamond head

Just look at it. Old, young, everyone is here. And if I'm honest there isn't that much to see. We got bored in like 10 minutes and headed back down.

Sitting at the very top of the Diamond head

Danger - don't climb there. Yeah, right..

Honolulu from above

Last look at the Honolulu before climbing down. Beautiful town.

Walk by the ocean in Hawaii Diamond head

Trail back. A walk by the ocean.

Bishop museum in Honolulu

The next place we were advised to visit was the National history and science museum or Bishop museum, which was ok. Not the best but quite interesting.

Bishop museum in Honolulu

In general museum is very nice. Lots of Hawaii traditions, history, art.

Volcano in a Bishop museum in Honolulu

Even a working volcano. :)

Center in Honolulu

Walking down the center in Honolulu

Surf boards in Honolulu

As the evening came you must go the the beach once more to see the sunset. You can see why Honolulu is a paradise for surfers right?

Hawaii evening on the beach

Evening mood. So peaceful so beautiful.

Ingus Kruklitis in Hawaii beach

It would be a shame not to take any photos.

Sunset in Hawaii

So warm and peaceful.

Sunset in Honolulu

As the sun sets the beach becomes more and more alive.

Night beach in Honolulu

As the darkness came it became even more beautiful. Just look at it. Love this place.

Night life in Honolulu

Night streets of Honolulu.

Honolulu night life party

Busy night life.

Sunset in Honolulu

And here is another sunset.

Ingus Kruklitis in Hawaii

New Hawaii style shirt :)

Surfboard on a bike Hawaii

Every bike has a special place for a surfboard.

Beautiful landscape in Hawaii

I think I know where all such postcards come from.

Volkswagen hippie van in Hawaii

Typical symbol of Hawaii. An old Volkswagen hippie van with a local surfer waxing his board.

Sunset in Hawaii and me - Ingus Kruklitis

I definitely like this place.

Sunset in Hawaii

Such a wonderful view. Gorgeous.

Amazing sunset in Hawaii

Last minute of this day light. Beautiful.

Night view on Honolulu

So it's time to enjoy the nightlife. Yes - this is Honolulu. As I already mentioned this isn't just another island with some palms and a beach. This is a huge city, real America.

Night view at the Honolulu

Love this place. Great view on the night city life.
Check out the first part of this trip in case you've missed it.

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