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Beautiful Hawaii - Part 3

This part will show you the rest of the Oahu island that doesn't include Honolulu. We'll see some jungles, scenes from "Lost", remote beaches, fruit markets, pineapple plantations and of course skydiving..

Traffic in Honolulu

I guess it's time to explore the rest of the island. But before we have to get out of the city. As you can see this isn't just a small island. Traffic and highways are huge. Welcome to Hawaii :)

Beautiful Oahu island

Finally we're out of the city and now it feels like a whole other world.

New city, shat a pity! No development! Hawaii

I guess locals are against any development on the island.

Small town in Oahu

I really love these small towns by the roads.

Local store in Hawaii

Local store.

Famous garlic shrimp truck

Famous garlic shrimp truck. Shrimps tastes amazing.

Having a lunch in Hawaii

Great meal.

Fruits in Hawaii

Very interesting fruits. The ones at the back are passion fruits. They go great with papayas.

I love papayas

And here are the papayas. One of my favourite fruits. We literally had them every day. It's a shame it's so hard to get a good ones here in Latvia.

Unknown fruit in Hawaii

Actually no idea what this is :) But looked interesting.

Surf art in Hawaii

Someone has a very interesting yard. Surf art.

Aloha in Hawaii

Aloha :)

Shaver ice cream truck

Shaver ice cream truck. Another snack you have to try.

Surfboard hippie truck

Also found this amazing surfboard hippie truck. Looks really cool.

Arriving at the Hawaii skydive

After this small town it was time to go for one of the craziest thing I've ever done - skydiving. Which took place right there near by.

Skydiving in Hawaii

Here come the other jumpers. They look fine.

Taking off for a parachute jump in Hawaii

And the next ones are ready to go.

My skydiving experience in Hawaii

I'm not gonna describe the skydive experience here since I already did that in my personal blog. If you haven't read it check out my skydiving experience.

Parachute jumping in Hawaii

In short it was really awesome. Not that scary as you might think and something I'll remember for my whole life.

Skydiving in Hawaii

And yes, I would definitely jump again someday.

Exploring the island of Oahu

After the jump we moved on and continued exploring the island.

Observatory on Hawaii

If you think this is a moon, you're wrong. It's an observatory. Hawaii islands holds one of the largest observatories in the world.

Resorts in Hawaii

Then we've stopped at one of the resorts. Entrance is free for everybody so yo are welcome to hit the beach.

Unique flowers in Hawaii

Interesting flowers all round the area.

Ford mustang in Hawaii

And the parking lot is full of mustangs. I have to admit Ford Mustang is a really popular car there.

Hawaii beach

Beautiful weather for a swim..

Surfers in Hawaii

Every beach has at least one surfer.

Snorkelling in Hawaii

And these are very popular places for snorkelling. Many different fishes and even turtles come to the reefs so it's a great opportunity to see them.

Snorkelling in Oahu

Usually the water is cristal clear so all you need is a good mask and that's it.

Ingus Kruklitis snorkelling

I'm ready to go. :)

Hawaii beaches

A view from the reef.

Beaches in Oahu

There are beaches all over the island. Literally.

Deserted beach in Hawaii

Here is another remote beach. Feels like you are on the desert island. Even though an hour earlier you were stuck in a huge traffic jam.

Dole pineapple plantation

The next stop was Dole pineapple plantation.

Small pineapple growing

You may have seen the stickers of Dole in the supermarkets. So this is where they actually grow pineapples. Here is a small one.

Pineapples growing on the ground in Hawaii

Yes If you didn't know, the pineapples grow on the ground. Like berries.

Pineapple plantation in Hawaii

There's even pineapple ice cream in the area and a pineapple house.

11 635 km from London

Since they export pineapples all over the world there is a sign how far we are from all mayor cities. 7 230 miles or 11 635 km from London for instance.

Lost village in Hawaii

Another place we wanted to visit was of course the "Lost" village. A scene where all mayor event in a "Lost" movies took place.

The others village in a lost movie

Here are the same houses where Sawyer and Kate lived. In other words the "Others" village.

Others village from lost

If you've seen "Lost" you'll definitely recognise it.

Lost main house in others village

At the moment it is a base camp for school children. Really cool place for a camp.

Darma sign from Lost

They even left the Darma sign.

Sunset in Hawaii

It doesn't matter whether you are at the beach or on the road, the sunset in Hawaii are staggering.

Sunset in Oahu

And now it's time to head back to Honolulu. Watching beautiful sunset while we drive through the jungle.

Beautiful Oahu

Palms, some kind of plantations, mountains and the sunset. This really is a paradise.

Fireworks in Honolulu

We were back just in time for the fireworks.

Great fireworks on the beach in Hawaii in Honolulu

As it turned out we lived right next to the fireworks place so we could admire it while sitting on a balcony. One of the best places in town I guess :)

Fireworks in Honolulu at the beach

No special occasion for them. They fire it every Tuesday and Friday evening. What can I say - Hawaii - they enjoy every day.

Beautiful fireworks in Hawaii

Great end of the day. Next time I'll show you another island - Maui, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all Hawaiian islands.
Check out the first part of this trip , or the second part in case you've missed it.

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