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Maui island - Part 1

Since we crossed literally half the world to visit Hawaii islands it would be a shame to explore just one island of Oahu even though it was pretty cool. So after a week on one island we traveled to another one called Maui, approximately 70 km away which is famous for its nature and landscapes.

Plane from Oahu to Maui

And this is our plane. It's pretty much the smallest commercial plane that I've ever flown. Looked like a private jet.

Private jet in hawaii

It could fit max 10 people. No drinks, no lavatory, no stuarts. I didn't even switch off my cell phone.

Honolulu port view

The down side is that it is pretty scary to fly that plane since it shakes and rattles all the time. On the up side it flies so low, you get to see the best views from it.

Honolulu from the top

The view of the Waikiki beach in Honolulu.

The Diamond head view from the top

The Diamond head. The one we climbed earlier. You can read about it in my previous article.

Mokulele airlines pilots

Our pilots. The cabin is fully opened.

Oahu island from the top

Leaving Oahu island behind.

Airport in Maui

Approaching our airport. Looks eem small.

Maui island - first impressions

First impression of the island is quite positive.

Maui island beach

As I already mentioned the island is famous for its nature. And indeed it is. The views are staggering.

Palms on maui

Now you really feel like on a tropical island.

Coconuts in Maui

Real coconuts with coconut juice. Feel free to drink it if you get to it of course. It took me 30 minutes to open one coconut. And then another hour to get a juice out of it.

Small villages in Maui

There aren't any big cities like Honolulu. More like small villages all over the island. But they are really cute.

One of the small villages in Maui

Here is one of them.

Cars in Maui

Huge cars are quite popular here as well.

Building 1923 Maui

Building 1923.

Come in and eat or we'll both starve cafe

Come in and eat or we'll both starve!

Leave only footprints in the forests of Maui

The island is all about the nature.

Quite - trees at work here in Maui

Quite - trees at work. Nice!

Opening a coconut with machete in Maui

This is how they do it - with machete.

Coconut in Maui

It's much easier to buy a coconut.

Coconut juice

And it's also quite heavy. Not a good idea to carry it around everywhere.

Jungles in Maui

You should better have a good footwear that can handle water, rocks and mud.

Chicken Maui style

Time for a dinner Maui style.

Forests in Maui

Real forest stairs.

Bananas on Maui

Bananas on Maui with a strange plant at the bottom.

Maui plants

Another interesting plant. Feels like a whole new other world there.

Palm in a forest

Such a great environment.

Keanae hunter check station on Maui

A lonely post box in a jungle. I wonder if anyone is using it.

Maui island

Volcanic ashes by the ocean. Something like on Tenerife only way more beautiful.

Beautiful Maui island

Wild waves on the background.

Maui waves

I just love it here.

Maui island coastline

Stunning coastline views.

Coconuts in Maui

But lets just leave them there for now.

Beautiful Maui

Beautiful Maui views.

Maui island coastline

Really serious on this picture. Don't know why :)

Green Maui island

Time to keep going further. I believe you've already noticed how green this island is.

Old bridge in Maui

As we drove further we found an old bridge. I don't remember why we decided to climb under it but what we found was quite amazing. The problem was to get there.

Maui river

The bridge must go over a river. As a matter of facts it did. A small river that came from a large waterfall.

Under the bridge in Maui

The view from underneath the bridge.

Waterfall in Maui

And here is the waterfall. It looks quite amazing. But the water was freezing.

Jungle market in Maui

Sometimes in the jungles you can find such small markets with fresh fruits. Not the cheapest but really delicious and fresh.

Maui roads

As we kept going round the island the road got smaller and smaller.

Off roads in Maui

Eventually it went from the road to off road where we weren't allowed to go with a rental car. And of course we did. :)

Wild Maui island

And it was sure worth it. To get round the island we had to cross that cliff. Here is a view from the beach.

Maui wild beach

No turning back now.

Cows in Hawaii

As we went further we came closer and closer to the volcano. Eventually we just drove all around it. At one point we found lots of cows everywhere. Interesting. Given that the milk costs more than a fuel in Hawaii.

Cows in Maui

Could be a Milky add. Hawaii style.

White hors in Maui

Cows weren't the only animals there.

Beautiful Maui

That's it. At this point we just had to stop to make some photos. The view is just too gorgeous.

Maui volcano. Beautiful

You can see part of the huge volcano on the right.

Maui volcano panoramic view

Sunset, volcano, me and eem cows? :)

Maui road round the volcano

Without cows could be a little bit better :)

Rainbow on Maui

The rainbow made the whole scene even more spectacular.

Maui road around the island

As it turned out we weren't the only ones exploring this wild part of the island. But we better return to the civilised part since the road isn't that good and there are no lights at all here.

Sunset on Maui

Luckily by the sunset we were back on a good road. To be continued..

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