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Maui island - Part 2

The second part of exploring Maui island. As you already have seen from the first part - this island considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii. So lets see it a little bit more.

Beautiful Maui island

The island itself isn't deserted. It has awesome roads, stores, restaurants and all you might need.

Green Maui nature

But overall it's really green and nature friendly. Looks more like a Thailand.

Maui is a heaven on earth

Real heaven on earth.

Maui cliffs

I wonder if anyone has ever climbed there.

Lahaina town in Maui, Hawaii

There are no large towns but a lot of small ones. Really cute in fact.

Lahaina town in Hawaii

Wooden hand chairs.

Lahaina town

Real American style.

Lahaina t-shirt

Lahaina - Maui, Hawaii.

Problem solved t shirt on Maui

Neat :)

Cruise liner in Maui

Many cruise liners come here everyday to spend a day in paradise.

Humpback whales in Hawaii

Hawaii waters are home to many sea animals including Humpback whales.

Bubba Gump restaurant sign

There's also a Bubba Gump restaurant, just like in a Forest Gump movie. We'll visit it later on.

Real American city

I just love these American cities.

Ford Mustang in Maui

As I already mentioned - Ford Mustangs are really popular here.

Surf naked sign

Surf naked. :)

Maui paradise

Mmm - need to find this place. It should be somewhere near by.

Indians in Hawaii

Found an indian guy.

Maui Hawaii Kauai

If a man speaks on a deserted island, and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

Live Aloha sign

Live Aloha Hawaii.

Homeless in Hawaii

Unfortunately even in such paradise there are lots of homeless. But I bet they feel much more comfortable then the ones in colder countries.

Fishes in Hawaii

I bet you can't catch such fish in our country.

Hotels in Hawaii

As we drove further we just stopped by one of many hotels. The entrance is free so you can easily enjoy the territory.

Maui island

People are just chilling, making barbecue and relaxing.

Working in Hawaii, Maui

I guess I could work the same way easily.

Palm in Maui

This could easily be a wallpaper. Maybe without people though.

Buda statue in Hawaii Maui

We even found a statue of Buda or whatever he is called.

Bubba Gump restaurant

And as evening came we returned to have some shrimps in a Bubba Gump restaurant.

Table tennis racket menu

Menu is made in a shape of a table tennis racket.

Run forest run sign

You leave a "run forest run" sign while you eat and switch it to "Stop forest stop" when you are done.

Impressive view from Bubba Gump restaurant in Maui

View from our table. Really impressive.

Bubba Gump restaurant in Maui

Here is the overview of the terrace.

Nice interior of the Bubba Gump restaurant

Really like the interior of the place.

Driving through clouds in Maui

The next day we decided to drive up the volcano which meant driving through the clouds. I think we've already done this in Tenerife.

Closed volcano in Maui

Only to find out that it's been closed due to government issues. Fail!

Fruit market on Maui island

These markets are awesome. You can get the coolest and most fresh fruits there.

Papaya market in Maui

So we bought some papayas and

Wild beach on Maui

..hit some wild beaches.

Mighty waves on Maui

The waves as always looked quite large and mighty.

Beautiful view from the Maui beach

I think I could enjoy this view the whole day.

Paia town on Maui

Time to get back to our town Paia. It's quite small but also cute.

Evening surfers

On our way back we stopped to watch some evening surfers and the sunset.

Sea lion on Maui

We also found a friend of ours. A sea lion - just lying on the beach, chilling.

Surfers in Maui, Hawaii

Even though it is almost sunset the waters are full of surfers.

Rocks in Maui

But we were told it's quite dangerous. Once a week one of the surfers gets killed by hitting the rocks or drowning.

Bamboo forest on Maui

The next day we went to see real bamboo forests. It was a tricky place to find. Thankfully locals could help us.

Going through jungles in Hawaii

It wasn't that easy to go through the jungles especially in the rain. But it was quite warm so the rain was really chilling.

Waterfalls in Maui

Founds some waterfalls on our way as well.

Waterfalls in Maui

Humidity level is huge but the nature is so beautiful. Just staggering.

Beautiful beach of Maui

After humid jungles we needed some rest so we headed straight to the beach.

Snorkeling in Maui Ingus Kruklitis

And I went snorkeling.

Hawaii style beach

Real Hawaii style beach. Even with the head statue like on Easter island.

riding a real american school bus in Hawaii on Maui

As the evening came we were told that the fair is in town. And it's like one of the biggest event of the year on the island so we had to see it. And we were taken there by a real American school bus. How cool is that?

The fair on Maui

The fair looked quite amazing. I didn't know an island had so many people. :)

The fair on Maui, Hawaii

Lots of different attractions.

Playing games on a fair in Maui

Not like we really wanted something but we couldn't leave without a prize so I decided to throw some balls :)

Ingus Kruklitis in Maui, Hawaii

And here is my prize. Yey! :)

Maui island from the top

So this is the end of our trip to Maui. A week has passed so we had to return to Honolulu. Now leaving Maui island behind.

Molokai island from the top

Beautiful Pacific ocean with Hawaii islands. Here is Moloka'i island.

Oahu island from above

And finally we are back to Oahu island. You can see Honolulu below us.

Honolulu city from above

We still had some days to spend in Honolulu before flying back to Los Angeles, Washington, London and finally Riga. Have to admit Hawaii islands are one of the most beautiful places I've ever been or seen.

Cargo planes in Hawaii

Time to land. Huge plains below us.

Hawaii international airport

Will definitely return here someday.

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