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Snowboarding in French Alps

This year we continued our annual tradition and went snowboarding to Alps. This time we've chosen Les 2 Alps resort which turned out to be one of the best so far...

Milan airport

Our journey started at Milans airport.

Les 2 Alps village at night

But our final destination was Les 2 Alps (Les Deux Alps) village in France. By the time we got there from Milan it was already night, or even early morning.

Les 2 Alps village in France

At night it seemed like a typical french village in Alps. Classic ski resort.


So the next morning we took our boards and went on to explore the slopes.

Going for the slopes

The weather just couldn't be better.

Snowboarder team

Another photo of us.

Les 2 Alps village

Approaching the ski lift cable car.

going for the cable car in Les 2 Alps

Going up :)

Cable cars in Les 2 Alps

Cable cars. Much larger that the ones we had last year in Chamonix.

Going of the mountains in a cable car

You really can't wish for a better weather.

Les 2 Alps village, View from above

View from above on our village.

going up the slopes

It takes almost 40 minutes to get to the very top.

Les Deux Alps mountains

But finally we are here. Well almost. It is possible to go even higher to the glacier.

Photo shoot in Alps

Time to make some cool photos.

Ingus Kruklitis in Alps


Making snow in Alps

Fake snow :)

Photo session in Alps

Nice shot :)

Ingus Kruklitis and Boris Vasjkin in Alps

Hell yeah! :)

Photosession in French Alps

New look.

Photo session in French Alps

Everybody :)

Snowboarding in Alps Ingus Kruklitis

Time to go down..

French Alps

Stunning landscape view.

Snowboarding in French Alps

Finally! Lets go crazy..

Les Deux Alps snowboarding

Going down :)

Carving snowboarding..

6 full days in the Alps..

Breaking on a snowboard

Can it get any better?

Sitting in the Alps admiring the view

Small break..

Taking photos in Alps

Our photographer at work.

Great snowboarding photos in Les 2 Alps

As a result we got some stunning photos..

Detailed photos in Alps

With incredible details..

Taking photos in Alps

Waiting for a good shot.

Alps bar in France

Having a break in one of the bars.

Early spring in Alps

Spring time. Even though it's December.

Beer in Alps


Hey panama. :) Perfect photos in Alps

This is just the perfect place for a photo session.

At the very top in Alps

On the top of the world..

Nature in Alps

Love this nature.

Photography in Alps in France

Why not to take photos of other people? :)

Snowboarding in Les 2 Alps

Smile :)

Alps alps alps


Tricks in Alps

Can yo do that?

Breakdancing in Alps

Or that? :)

Dog in Alps

A dog :)

Les 2 Alps village

I just love these small villages in Alps.

Not much snow in Alps

As you can see not much snow this year. Lower hills are almost green.

Exploring the village in Alps

Exploring the village. Really beautiful..

paragliding in French Alps

Also a good place for paragliding.

Les 2 Alps beautiful village

Lets go up..

French Alps in december

French Alps.

Evening in Les 2 Alps

As the evening came it became even more beautiful..

Night sky in Alps

Night sky.

Night village in Alps

Night village from above.

Night in Les Deux Alps

Late walk in the village

Discotheque in Alps

Discotheque - local club :)

Stunts at night in Les 2 Alps

Some night stunts..

Glasses for snowboarding in Alps

Hitting some stores..

Guys in Alps

Guys guys guys..

French sweets in Les 2 Alps

Local sweets.

Pizzeria in Les 2 Alps

Local pizzeria.

Restaurants in Alps

Time to eat something.

Christmas in Les 2 Alps

The city is getting ready for Christmas..

Internet in the French to Alps

Finally home. Chilling in the only room with wifi.

Home in Les 2 Alps

Cousy home.

Chilling at home in Alps


Sega senter in Les 2 Alps

Sega center.

Playing games in Alps

Having fun.

Sega center fun games

Haven't played these since I was a child..

Photography in Sega center in Les 2 Alps


Games in French Alps

Wasn't lucky this time.

Shooting games in Alps

Hands up.

Basketball game in Alps

Basketball game.

Playing games in French Alps in Les Deux Alps

Girls definitely wouldn't understand this :)

Searching for the clubs in Les 2 Alps

So this is a short review of our trip to Les Deux Alps French ski resort. Definitely would recommend visiting this place.
P.S. This time the photographers were Andrew Dree and Alexey Skuryat.

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