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Florida Adventures - Miami and Key West road trip

This year I was heading for an "Angelbrackets" conference in Orlando. Since we've never been there we took a few extra days to explore a little bit of the Florida state and this is what happened.

London Gatwick airport

Waiting for our plane in London. Preparing camera for the busy week.

Flying to Orlando

Flying to Orlando. We were lucky enough to sit in an emergency exit row. After all it does matter when it comes to the 9 hours flight.

Studying on a plane

I would always suggest you to spend your time wisely and have something to read or study on a plane.

Orlando airport

Welcome to Orlando.

Mustang and Camaro in Orlando

Florida deserves special cars so we went for the two convertibles. American style.

Driving through Miami

Our first destination was Miami which was 400km away. Lets go!

American muscle cars

Stopped to switch cars for comparison.

Miami night

And about 4 hours later here we are - in Miami!

Night streets of Miami

It all seemed really exciting but we were so exhausted so we headed straight for the hotel.

Night in Miami

Some last shots in Miami at night. Lets see the difference in the morning.

Avalon hotel in Miami

We woke up in the morning with a beautiful sunrise. Our hotel from the outside.

Car in miami

The car is already waiting for us outside.

Breakfast in Miami

Having breakfast.

Exploring Miami beach

First lets go explore Miami beach.

Early morning in Miami

It's early in the morning and people are already exercising. Who said Americans are fat?

Popular Miami beach

Stunning Miami beach Baywatch style.

Sunrise in Miami

Beautiful sunrise in Miami - something everyone should experience.

Follow me Miami baywatch tower

And here is the most popular lifeguard station in Miami. The only one in American colours. The one where popular Murad Osman took his photo of the Follow Me project.

Miami beach

Landscape of Miami beach.

Solar power in Miami

Interesting parking machines with solar batteries.

Miami beach

The Miami beach is exactly how you would imagine it would be.

Cuba cars in Miami

So old Cuba style cars. Not a big surprise since Cuba is right across the sea here.

Malibu signs in Miami.

Some original signs.

Packing in Miami

So we packed our stuff..

Packing our cars in Miami

..took our cars and headed straight for the Miami downtown.

Miami island

Lets go explore Miami.

Mustang convertible

Made a stop to take our roof down.

Road to key west.

And off we go, next stop - Key West.

Shooting photos from convertible

Having a convertible sure has its advantages.

Taking photos in Miami

Smile! :)

Miami roads

Driving through Miami.

Miami in GTA Vice city

I remember this view and island still from the GTA Vice city game. Awesome.

Miami driving

Driving through Miami!

Camaro in Miami

We just love our cars!

Traffic in Miami

And once again - stuck in traffic.

Convertibles pros

Good thing we can enjoy some sun.

America rules

We're in America! Hell yeah!

Ford Mustang in Miami

Get used - you're gonna see these cars a lot :)

Driving to Key west

Typical American roads!

Subway pit stop

Pit stop in Subway!

Highway in Miami

Finally getting on a highway!

Ford Mustang

Mustang sure looks better from the outside then from the inside!

Selfie in Miami

A quick selfie :)

Mustang vs Camaro

Which one do you prefer better? Mustang vs Camaro?

Huge crab on the way to Key West

A huge crab - holly molly!

Road to Key West

Endless road to Key West through the ocean.

Road to Key West

More then 200km into the ocean sea towards Americas lowest point - Key West.

Small islands on the way to key west

Some small island on our way.

Stunning road to key west

Actually this road was one of the reasons why we are driving there. And it was worth it.

Driving pleasure to Miami

42 bridges connect Key West to the mainland of Florida.

Key west map

For those of you who doesn't know - Key west is the southernmost point in America, which is located only 140 km away from Cuba.

Welcome to Key West

Key West is an island in the Straits of Florida on the North American continent, at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys. The island is about 90 miles (140 km) from Cuba.

Key west near Cuba

The island itself is quite small. It is closer to Cuba than it is to Miami.

Key west used to be largest city

Back in 1889, Key West was the biggest city in Florida. Now it's tiny comparing to Orlando or Miami.

Selfie in Key West

Let's take another selfie :)

the southernmost point in America

And here it is, the southernmost point of America.

Almost in Cuba - Key west

Just 90 miles to Cuba.

Visited Key West - check.

Key West - check!

Lizards in Key West

Some of the animals here. How many lizard do you see?

Small key west

It will take you about 5 minutes to drive through the whole city.

House in Key west

The southernmost house in America.

0 mile highway

The highway that ends in Key West, U.S Highway One, is 2,209 miles long and runs from Fort Kent in Maine.

Military radars in Key West

Huge military base with radars. Those who know anything about the cold war and Fidel Castro will understand why they are there.

Military in Key West

Jet fighters in the air.

Parking place in Key West

Since we're almost in the Caribbean we decided to open a swimming season early this year. So we found a parking place and headed off.

Beach rules in Key West

Key West beach rules.

Sand in Key West

All of the sand on the beaches of Key West were shipped in on barges from the Caribbean.

Windy key west beach

Time for a swim.

Beach in Key West

I feel the Caribbean breeze.

Opening swimming season in Florida

Season is officially opened this year.

Lowest temperature in key west is 41 degrees

The temperature in Key West has never dropped below 5C degrees.

Who has been here

Countries and nations who have been there. Latvia is full. It feels like we're the only ones who haven't been here.

Key west - far away from Europe

We come from here.

Cuba is straight ahead

Even though Cuba is only 90 miles away, you still can never see it from Key West.

Spirit in Key West

Really positive and cheerful spirit.

Cocks on the streets of Key west

Where else can you see a black Ford Mustang and a Cock.

Key west to Orlando road

I guess it's time to head back to Orlando. It's already 4PM and we still have about 800km to go. Good luck to us.

Sunset stop in the Key West

Some stops on our way to Orlando to witness the sunset.

Sunset in the key west

One of the bridges that connects islands.

Leaving Key west.

To be continued. In the next part I will show the amazing Orlando, alligators, one of the best universities in America, Kennedy Space center and much more.

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