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Florida adventures - UCF university

It's been a long drive from the Key West but finally we're back in Orlando. We still had a couple of days to explore the DisneyLand city. But we started not with the amusement park. But instead with something completely opposite of that.

Marriott hotel in Orlando

Finally we're back. Time to check in in our hotel and keep moving.

Grande Lakes Orlando - Marriott hotel

Grande Lakes Orlando - Marriott. Very impressive.

Grande Lakes Orlando - 25th floor

Some of us (not me) got a room on the 25th floor. I guess you couldn't wish for a better view.

Beautiful Orlando

Sunset in Orlando. The city is huge and very green.

Grande Lakes Orlando - rooms

Rooms on the other hand were quite standard. Nothing special except for the view.

Beautiful sunset in Orlando

Time to rest. We've got a lot exploring to do in the morning.

Parking at Grande Lakes Orlando - Marriott

The next morning we woke up and found that our cars didn't really fit the parking that well.

Car parking at Grande Lakes Orlando - Marriott

But anyway, roof down and lets go.

Go pro mounted on a ford mustang in Orlando

Since we've had a go pro with us we thought that the best place for it would be in front of the car.

Go pro on a ford mustang

Now we're ready.

Canon 5D Mark III in Orlando

Camera is ready.

Huge crab car in Orlando

Also found a huge crab car.

Driving through Orlando

Our first destination was my friend Evija. She lives here and offered us to show the university where she studies - UCF. It's the third largest university in America. Should be impressive.

Cheap divorces in Orlando

It's quite interesting driving through American city. You can see lots of interesting and weird stuff. Like cheap divorces for example.

Funny and weird Orlando.

Or an upside down house. I'll talk about it in my later posts.

American flag in Orlando.

And of course American flags. Everywhere. This does bring in an interesting mood.

3 ford mustangs in Orlando

Finally we've arrived at Evijas place. As it turned out Mustangs are quite popular here. Real Ford Mustang Club )

Muscle cars in Orlando

Now we have three ford mustangs and one Camaro.

Hanging out in Orlando.

All ready to go.

Driving to UCF

Driving with a new passenger.

University of Central Florida

Luckily we didn't have to travel far. So in about 5 minutes we were entering the University of Central Florida.

UCF university in Florida, Orlando

The university is huge. We are now officially driving inside its territory. It looks like a small town.

Parking lot at the UCF

And as every town, it has lots of huge parking places.

UCF knight statue, Orlando

Here is the main symbol of UCF - the knight.

Tour around UCF in Orlando

Welcome welcome. Lets begin our tour.

Territory of the UCF in Orlando

You can walk around the territory all day long.

UCF shuttle bus

There is a shuttle bus that goes all around university.

Studying map at the UCF

In our case we needed a map to find the best route.

Free bible sign at the UCF

Free bibles sign. Many people are way too religious here.

Stadium in UCF in Orlando

First stop is the football stadium. I'm not sure if Riga even has this large stadium in town as they have in the university.

Huge UCF football stadium

And here it is. Can you imagine that this stadium is built only for the university needs.

UCF university stadium

And the interesting thing is that when some games take place the stadium is full of students.

Tour guide Evija Vilde at the UCF

Our tour guide.

Indoor stadium of the UCF

And this is another indoor stadium for volley, basketball and other sport games. Pretty impressive.

Tennis courts at the UCF

Lots of tennis courts. I think I could live here easily.

UCF sport facility

Another indoor facility. This time it includes volleyball, basketball courts as well as a lot of space for jogging.

Basketball game at the UCF

Basketball training.

Jogging inside the university

Here you can run if it gets too hot outside as it is now.

Gym in Orlando UCF

Right next door is the gym which you can use anytime you want.

UCF sports gym

All the latest equipment, TV screens, loud music, I love it here.

Tour around UCF in Orlando

Only thanks to Evija that we can appreciate and see all this. No visitors are allowed here, only students.

UCF training gym

People are working hard. Studying is what you would call this.

Climbing wall at the UCF, Orlando

And of course a huge climbing wall. Feel free to try if you wish. Of course only for students.

Parks at the UCF

It has many different parks, and even a small forest.

Huge American flag at the UCF

Lots of American flags everywhere.

UCF knight statue.

And of course the main symbol here. UCF knight.

Streets of the UCF university

This is the shopping and dining street. If you live here, you actually have no need to leave the university. They have everything you need.

Restaurants at the UCF

Lunch time. Of course most of the cafes are fast food style. But still not that expensive and quite delicious.

Eating lunch at the UCF in Orlando, florida

Having lunch :)

Evija Vilde, wall of fame.

Wall of fame. Evija is the main character there.

UCF employees

Met some of the Evijas colleagues. Everyone is so nice and cheerful.

Teachers at the UCF in Orlando

I think everyone loves Evija here.

Testing room at the UCF

"Testing room" that way. As you would imagine no cell phones are allowed at any time.

Football helmet of the UCF

Girts is trying out a new helmet. Fits right in.

Classroom at the UCF

We even were able to see the actual classroom itself. A little bit different from the ones that we have in Latvia.

UCF building stuff in Orlando

Outside you can see people inventing different stuff, building cars, ships and other all kind of inventions.

UCF invents a lot

Some kind of a boat. I guess it's ready for testing.

By the pool at he UCF

Here is the pool where they're gonna test their inventions.

Fountain and pool at the UCF

This fountain is considered to be something like a center of the university.

Evija Vilde and Ingus Kruklitis

Me and our guide :)

Emergency button at the UCF

This university also has these emergency places. In case something happens you can always press a button and the local university police will arrive in minutes.

Pool party at the UCF

We were pretty shocked by this awesome student life. And then when we thought that it couldn't get any better it did. We went for the pool party.

UCF pool party DJ

Loud music, DJ, pool volley. I think I want to go studying again.

UCF pool volley party

I think it was Friday lunch time. Not the weekend. And people are partying right in the middle of a working day. I think we've missed something in our university in Latvia.

Happy students at the UCF

Haven't seen girls being this happy in our universities.

Twitting at the UCF in Orlando

Then we had to tweet about this event.

Getting free t-shirts at the UCF pool party

As a result we got these cool t-shirts :)

Pool party at the UCF

Loving student life here.

New t-hirts for Ingus Kruklitis and Girts Lemanis

A new look :)

UCF university is awesome

So this is the short summary of one of the Americas largest university. We were literally shocked and speechless. Still trying to figure out why the hell did I stay for studying in Latvia.

Special thanks to Evija who was kind enough to show us everything around here.

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