"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

Visiting Kennedy Space Center

Next on our trip was of course Kennedy space center. I'm a real fan of astronomy so there was no way we could miss it.

Kennedy space center

It takes you about half an hour to get from Orlando to Kennedy Space center which is located right on the coastline of Atlantic ocean.

Driving to Florida coastline

Unfortunately speed limit is only 60 miles an hour.

Space shuttle in Orlando

As we got loser we saw a huge space shuttle right on the side of the road. Guess we're heading the right way.

JFK space center

The center is located on a huge island that is connected with a bridge to the main land.

Entering John F. Kennedy Space Center

Finally we're here. John F. Kennedy Space Center.

Rockets at JFK space center

As you driving you can see a huge rocket launcher above the trees.

Entering Kennedy space center

Ready to go.

Kennedy monument

For the eyes of the world now look into space, to the moon and to the planets beyond..

Nasa sign

Kennedy monument right next to the huge Nasa sign.

Kennedy space center

Once you enter the facility you see lots of different rockets from all over the world. Unfortunately none of them is real.

USA largest rocket

I mean the size and design is real but the rocket itself is carbon-fiber.

Rocket engine.

Huge rocket engine.

Tunnel to the space shuttle

And of course the copy of a tunnel that connected space station to the space shuttle module.

Taking pictures in Kennedy space center

Certainly a lot of places to take pictures of.

Sitting in a space shuttle

Now we can imagine how it felt sitting there before the start.

Sitting in a space shuttle.

Not very comfortable if I'm honest.

Rockets instructions

Reading all about the rockets.

Nasa sign

Time to enter the main exhibition.

Lego rover

Lego mars exploration rover.

Astronaut in Orlando

Almost a real astronaut.

Space center disneyland

Suddenly you realise that this is more like a Kennedy space center disneyland. It's nowhere near the actual space center where space shuttle used to go up.

Space shuttle Atlantis sign

And as you can see kids love this place. But if you want to see a real space center this is not the place.

Signs inside the space center

It has been the stuff of dreams since humans first gazed up at the heavens.

The sky calls to us Carl Sagan

The sky calls to us. -Carl Sagan

Kennedy space center space shuttle

Inside the space center you get to see many different movies and attractions that show you how space shuttle got developed.

Kennedy space shuttle  Atlantis

It was quite inspiring and at the end was the best part. The real space shuttle, the one that returned from space - the last one.

Space shuttle Atlantis

And here it is. Huge, gorgeous, amazing.

Kennedy space center shuttle Atlantis

It used to carry different heavy cargo to international space center.

Huge space glider

Only standing right next to it that you can imagine and comprehance the real size of it. And the amazing thing is that it is nothing more than just a huge glider. Yeap - it means it actually can't fly like an airplane but only glide.

Touching the real space shuttle

And of course it would be a shame not to touch a real space shuttle.

Huge shuttle engines

You can walk all around it and under it as well. Huge engines cover half of the arena.

Heat resistant surface of the shuttle

The bottom of the shuttle is covered with a heat resistant material. It reflects heat so much that if you heat a peace of this material block till 1000C you can still hold it in your bear hand. Unfortunately the material is very fragile - which caused a disaster and loss of a Discovery space shuttle in 2003.

Space satellite

Satellites - the ones that Atlantis carried up to space.

Carrying space shuttle

If the shuttle landed somewhere away from the space center it needed to get carried back to a space center on top of a huge Boeing 747.

Space center gift shop

Wish I could see this station in real life.

Alligators in Orlando

Lakes around the station are full of alligators, snakes and other creatures. This is why there was a whole separate room devoted to wildlife all around the facility.

Speeding in USA

I guess it's time to go back. Lots of cops on the side of the road. We were warned from the start that speeding is a bad idea.

Filling up Mustang and Camaro

Need to fill up our tanks one more time. Getting used to filling them up once a day. But ok we did drive a lot as well.

Lunch in Orlando

Nothing is better than a good meal after a long and exciting day.

American muscle car photoshoot

Since we still had our cars and Evija has joined us as well we decided to take some cool photos of the cars.

Taking pictures of our cars in Orlando

Take one :)

American muscle car photo shoot in Orlando. Evija Vilde Ingus Kruklitis

Take two.

Taking photos of Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro

Take three and cut.

Orlando downtown

Later that night Evija offered us to show a downtown in Orlando where all the parties take place.

Ruined BMW 6 in Orlando

This is just wrong. Such a nice car completely ruined. What the hell are they thinking?

Party people in Orlando

People sure party here a lot. Like a lot. Even the whole street is closed for traffic.

Bars in Orlando

One eyed Jacks bar :)

Street musicians in Orlando

Lots of different musicians on the street.

People smoking shihsha at night in Orlando


Police in Orlando downtown

And police cars all around the city.

Friday night in Orlando

You can see that people are partying hard here. After all it's Friday night.

European cars in USA - Audi

Even though the Camaro is stunning I think I prefer European cars.

Horse police in Orlando

Orlando horse police.

Huge lake in Orlando downtown

There's a huge lake right in the center of Orlando downtown. Neat.

Fun evening with Evija Vilde

It was a fun evening and really exciting day. I guess it's time to rest. Tomorrow we're going on a boat trip to see alligators in a wildlife.

Muscle cars in Orlando downtown

So lets jump in to our cars and head for the hotel. To be continued..

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