"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

Catching alligators in Orlando

Florida is famous for its alligators. So we started our next day with a boat trip to see if we can find some of them in a wildlife.

Marriott hotel in Orlando

A new morning. What a beautiful day.

Orlando paradise

Blue skies, palms all around us. We're in paradise.

looking for alligators in Orlando

So there's no time to waste. This morning we're renting an airboat to go find real alligators in a wildlife that are so famous in Florida.

Switching go pro camera

On our way there we decided to switch our go-pro camera. Have to do that while the traffic light is still red.

Filming Mustang in Orlando

All done. Now we can have a video of ourselves as well.

Airboat tour in Orlando

And here is our airboat. All ready to go.

Airboat alligator tours in Orlando

It fits 4 people plus our captain.

Riding an airboat to fin alligators in Orlando

Our trip starts in a narrow channel that goes straight for the famous Florida lakes and national park where alligators can be found.

Selfie on an airboat

The boat itself is so large that we were given special headsets.

Steering the boat in a lake

Our brave captain.

Eagles in Orlando

An eagle flying by. You can already feel the wildlife.

Searching for alligators in Orlando lakes

Once you're out of the channel you find yourself in a huge shallow green lake that is only 0.5m deep. Now you need to be aware of alligators, snakes and other dangerous animals. Don't step out of the boat.

Instructions from the captain

Our captain is telling us how to search for alligators.

Searching for alligators

Just don't get out of the boat.

Channels in Orlando Florida

Unfortunately it's quite early in the morning so most of the alligators are still sleeping and hiding under the water. They'll come up later when it gets much warmer.

Alligator babies

But nevertheless we found some. First we noticed babies. I had to really zoom in to show you the actual alligator babies. From the boat they were almost invisible.

Florida alligators in a wild

And a minute later we found their mummy. Quite a large one just sitting on a small island. It didn't move a muscle the whole time we were there. But the feeling that these alligators are living here in a wild is quite interesting.

Searching for alligators in Orlando

It wasn't what you'd call the most epic adventure of all time but still quite an interesting ride.

American folks

After such a ride it was time for breakfast in a traditional American style.

Driving a Camaro through Florida

So this is it for the alligators in Orlando. Lets move on to our next destination..

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