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Life in Orlando - Part 1

Here is a summary of our last days in Orlando. Shopping, hotel chilling, visiting friends, helicopter ride, Cheesecake factory and much more.

Orlando Mariott hotel

Our last days in Orlando after the conference.

Beautiful weather in Orlando

Such a beautiful weather.

Fresh fruits and juice just for you

But first lets have some breakfast. Fresh fruits and juice. All you need to start a good day.

Bus stop in Orlando

Interesting bus stop. Quite unique.

Believe it or not museum in Orlando

"Believe It Or Not" museum. As always pretty special.

Wonder Works Orlando

And here is another similar building in Orlando - WonderWorks Orlando.

WonderWorks Orlando inside

And it's not only the outside. The inside is also quite interesting.

Wonder Works in Orlando

Just look at all the details on this building.

WonderWorks Orlando at night

All rooms are fully functional. There's even light inside.

Baby alligator in Orlando

Yeap it is even possible to catch a real baby alligator right in the center of Orlando.

Baby alligator

Ok just kidding. As you can see he's mouth is strictly tied up. Poor animal. Well at least we've bought him some food.

Swimming pool hotel Orlando

Of course it would be a shame not to use our pool right next to the hotel.

Swimming pool Mariotte

Kids just love it.

Swimming in the pool in Orlando

So was I :)

Squirrel drinking from the pool

And even squirrels.

Sun circle

Full sun halo circle which can be observed only from the shadow. In this case palm does a very good job.

Working hard in Orlando

Working hard by the pool.

Bus truck in Orlando

There are lots of big things in Orlando. Even this half bus half truck.

Sheriff in Orlando mall

Sheriff of the store.

Huge stores in Orlando

Talking about the stores. They are huge.

Shopping in Orlando

And so cheap. You just can't walk past it. You'll eventually buy something.

Shopping in Orlando

There wasn't a single time when we left the store without at least on shopping bag.

Night shopping in Orlando

Even at night the shopping continues.

Full car trunk

This is how every evening would end up. If you don't want to spend your money just don't enter the stores.

Packing in Orlando

End then you find yourself in a hotel room wondering how the hell are you gonna put everything in just one bag?!

Cheesecake Factory in Orlando

Another must visit place is of course the "Cheesecake Factory". One of my favourite in USA not only for its cheesecakes but also for the food in general.

Cheesecake Factory in Orlando

Cheesecakes themselves.

Cheesecake Factory outside

Especially when you're sitting outside during warm sunny night.

Cheesecake Factory in Orlando is awesome

This place was our almost every evenings choice.

Moonlight in Orlando

Under the bright moonlight.

Xbox One in Orlando

And here comes another bonus from our conference - an Xbox One. I'll take two please.

Xbox in Orlando

Or even more.

Ingus Kruklitis in Orlando Angelbrackets

Profile picture for the conference.

Driving through Orlando

As I already mentioned - Orlando itself is pretty huge. Driving through it could take a while.

Police in Orlando

Real police motorcycle.

Basketball game in Orlando

Some of us event went to see the real "Magic" basketball game.

Orlando basketball game

Which gathered quite a lot of people. They even shut down the street.

Basketball in Orlando

And here it is - real basketball, just as you would see it on TV.

Basketball game in Orlando

With all the cheerleaders and other stuff.

Waiting for a friend in Orlando

While some of us went to see the game, we've decided to meet our friend and chill at Evijas place.

Evija Vilde in Orlando

And there comes our ride.

Driving in a convertible Orlando

Driving in a convertible in a sunny Orlando during sunset. Not the worst evening if I'm honest.

Meeting volley team girls in Orlando.

I forgot that all Evijas friends are volley players. So they're not the shortest girls. Can't really remember the time when a girl was actually higher than me. Just for the record - I'm 194cm :)

Having lunch in Orlando

Time to meet the rest of the team and have some snacks.

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