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Life in Orlando - Part 2

Lets continue our trip through life in Orlando..

Helicopter flight in Orlando

And we start our day with a helicopter flight. Why not?

Helicopter flight in Orlando

Yeap, something like that :)

Helicopter flight in Orlando Florida

See you in the skies.

Preparing for the flight in Orlando

You need a special equipment to communicate up there.

Taking off in Orlando

Taking off.

Piloting the helicopter in Orlando

Not so many tools as there is in the airplane.

Selfie in the helicopter

Selfie in the helicopter :)

Orlando from the skies

And this is Orlando from above.

Mariott hotel in Orlando

Here is our hotel. Looks tiny from up here.

highways in Orlando

Huge highways all across the city.

Green Orlando

But as you can see most of the land is totally green. The city reminds of a huge suburb.

Lakes in Orlando

And of course a lot of water and lakes everywhere.

Landing the helicopter in Orlando

Maybe we could land in a parking lot.

Sleeping in the car in Orlando

Quite tired from the flight I guess. Time to buy some food and head back to the hotel.

Huge supermarkets in USA

Supermarkets are huge. I mean like really huge. We don't have anything even close to this in Latvia.

Full trunk of stuff

We've been inside the store like 15 minutes or so. How could we buy so much stuff again?

Wonderland in Orlando

On our way to the hotel. Familiar building?

Beautiful evening in Orlando

Finally back to our hotel. Beautiful evening.


Fireplace in Orlando

Fireplace right in the middle of the park by the lake.

Fireplace in Orlando

Ou, and here's another one. I guess for the older :)

Night swimming in Orlando

I guess now it's a good idea to go for a swim. Unfortunately no photos were taking during that process so we'll just move on :)

Ritz Carlton hotel in Orlando

Next to our hotel was Ritz Carlton hotel. And since both of them were connected it would be interesting to explore that one as well.

Luxury ritz Carlton hotel

Totally different style. Very luxury.

Life music in Ritz Carlton in Orlando

Perfect moment for a cocktail..
..and a great live music.

Ritz Carlton hotel in Orlando

But you can really feel the difference between the hotels. So fabulous.

Ritz Carlton hotel in Orlando

Looks like a painting.

Fancy toilet in Ritz Carlton hotel

You'll never guess what this rooms is. It's a rest room (toilet). Way better than most peoples guest room.

Classy style Ritz Carlton

Very classy.

Toilets in Ritz Carlton

Another bathroom. First time in my life that I'm filming such rooms :)

Entering Ritz Carlton hotel

So this is it for our hotels. The next day it was time to come back home.

JFK AA Airplane model

If you've ever been in JFK airport then this plane would be very familiar to you.

Playing games in JFK

Playing memory games while waiting for our flight.

AA planes

Stylish American airlines planes.

Studying in the JFK

Perfect time for learning as well. I don't know why but for me studying in airports tends to be really effective.

Finnair airplane

And here comes our plane. So far Finnair is one of the best companies that I've flown with across Atlantic. And by the way - there you can see New York city on the horizon!

Hot girls on a plane

Girts got all the hot girls! :) Jackpot!

JFK traffic

Traffic on the runway.

Cool finnair airplane

Bye bye New York. We're coming home. Well actually we're flying to Helsinki and then home.

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