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Universal studios in Orlando

My last post from Florida is going to be about the most famous place it is known for - The universal studios amusement park.

Welcome to Universal in Orlando

Welcome to Universal Orlando.

Driving to Universal studios in Orlando

Florida is famous for its Disneyland's and universal parks. There are literally an amusement park on every single corner of this city. But we've decided to visit the largest on most popular one - Universal studios.

Universal studios parking

The parking is much larger then most parking in our supermarkets.

Universal Studios Orlando from above

The view on the Universal Studios from the parking.

Universal Studios Orlando

In short - Universal Studios is a small village that includes two huge amusement parks (each one requires its own ticket), parks and awfully a lot of different shops and restaurants.

Universal globe

And of course the Universal spinning globe that you can see on the background.

Universal park in Orlando

So far we haven't even entered the amusement park itself. Just walking around it.

Starbucks in Universal Studios

In America I'm Mike. Apparently Ingus is too hard for them to spell.

Bubba Gump in universal studios

World famous Bubba Gump restaurant.

Islands of Adventure

Main entrance to one of the amusement parks - Islands of Adventure.

Universal Studios

After exploring the map..

Crazy amusement park in Orlando

We went straight for the craziest ride there was.

Crazy amusement park in Orlando

Yeap - that's the one.

Crazy amusement park in Orlando

Lets do this :)

Crazy amusement park in Orlando

There's even a net in case some small stuff like coins, iPhones or wallets fly off.

queues in universal studios

The queue was almost an hour long. Only later have we discovered a way to pass all the lines.

Dinosaurs in Universal parks

In universal Studios there are two lines. One for everybody and the other is for single people - basically for those who don't care where to sit and who to sit with. While standard line went for an hour, single line went for like 5 minutes or so. And of course non of us actually didn't really care where to sit, we just waited for each other at the end of the ride.

Crazy Universal Studios X-men

Great place for the kids I would say.

Spider man in universal studios

Most of the attractions like this Spider man weren't actually real. They were something like a 4D movies. Personally I didn't like it that much.

I haven't had this much fun since I was a kid!

True story :)

Captain America

I think in the movie Captain America looked a little different no?

Splash ride in Universal park

One of our personal best rides. Just what you need on a hot day.

Water ride at the universal park in Orlando

Hell yeah :)

All wet at the universal park

Completely all wet.

all wet in Orlando

Happy kids :)

People dryer in Orlando

In case you want to get dry pretty quick :) But in our case it wasn't necessary. The temperature outside was close to 38C.

Water ride in Orlando Universal park

And here is another ride - a little bit larger.

Universal water ride

We're at the back . It seems like everybody loved it :)

Winning a prize at the Universal Studios

Of course there's always a chance to win something. And I definitely wouldn't miss this opportunity.

Winning a prize at the Universal Studios


Winning a prize at the Universal Studios

Great success :)

Winning a prize at the Universal Studios

And here comes my prize that I'll be taking home. Still sitting here with me.

Harry Potter town

I'm not the fan of the Harry Potter movies. In fact I actually haven't watched it yet, but for the fans I guess this could be a dream land.

Hogwarts village at the Universal Studios in Orlando

Hogwarts village.

Castle from the Harry Potter movie

Hard to believe that they've built this huge castle just for one ride and decorations. It's gorgeous.

Castle from the Harry Potter movie

Just look at all the details. Stunning.

City walk in Orlando

It's about to get dark so lets head for the city walk - which is a main street with all the shops and restaurants.

City walk in Universal Studios

Here it is. Music and people everywhere.

Plane in Orlando universal studios

The same plane we've seen when we entered.

NBA store in Universal Park

NBA store.

City walk in Orlando Universal Studios

Such a warm chilly evening. Especially after a whole day in the Amusement park.

Universal Studios globe

And here is the world famous Universal globe.

Universal Studios globe

Of course you must take a photo with it :)

Here is a small video of it.

Playing basketball in Orlando Universal Studios

How about a small basketball game?

Playing basketball in Orlando

Didn't go that well if I'm honest :)

Night life at the city walk.

Non Stop nightlife :)

Universal Studios at night from above

I guess it's time to leave. One last glance at the Universal Studios from the parking lot.

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