"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."


Flying over Alps

I've been snowboarding now for over 7 years but I've never been to Alps or other large mountains, but finally, this winter it all was about to change. And we started with one of the most popular skiing resorts in Alps - Chamonix.

Night Chamonix, Alps

By the time we returned from Geneve it was already dark. So we decided to have some lunch in the city. After all at night it is as beautiful as it is at daytime.

Airport in Milan, Linate

And here we are in Milan, Linate airport. All ready for the mountains.

Packing in Milan. Renting a car

But immediately we run into a problem. Our two snowboards plus skis plus all other bags didn't quite fit the car.

Night streets in Chamonix

Beautiful cute night streets.

Car is fully packed in Milan, Linate airport.

In the end we had to ditch one back seat. Even though we were 5 persons. But we had no other choice. And it was impossible to change for a larger car. Credit card issues.

Restaurants in Chamonix, Alps

Many different restaurants and bars.

Train in Chamonix, Alps

The city even has its own train. Even though I haven't seen a single one.

Snowboards fit quite well in the car.

We had to drive for about 250 km. Which isn't that much but still quite uncomfortable.

Night burgers in Chamonix

Night burgers. Probably the largest we ever had.

Driving from Italy to France. Seeing Alps

Our plan was to drive out of the Milan and towards Mont Blanc tunnel in France. As soon as we crossed it and the border, we would be right in Chamonix - one of the best skiing resorts in France. And we can already see Alps in front of us.

Night streets of Chamonix

After these enormous burgers we decided to call it a day and headed back to our apartment.

Going through Chamonix

The next morning. Going for the bus stop.

140 km/h on Italian roads

Roads in Italy are for charge but the quality is really perfect. Just set cruise control and you're good to go.

Autogrill shop. Quick stop on our way to Alps

Having a quick stop on our way.

Bus full of skiers in Chamonix

And this is how all buses look like. Feels like only skiers and snowboarders are allowed.

Beautiful houses near Alps

Passing an interesting village.

Cloudy weather in Chamonix

And this is the weather we are facing this time. Not as shiny as it used to be a few days ago.

Outdoor party in Chamonix

By the time we reached Chamonix it was already dark. And it seems like there was some kind of a party in the city. A promising start.

A look around in the Chamonix

So we decided to find our apartment first and then take a quick look around.

Huge line to the ski lift in Chamonix

Doesn't seem like the weather is scaring off people.

Apartment house in Alps.

Turns out our apartment was right in the center. And boy was it worth it. Real Alpine style. Our guest room.

Queue in Chamonix

Finally going up.

Beautiful valley in Chamonix

Once again admiring the wonderful view on the valley.

Bedroom in Alps apartment

This apartment is way better than any of the hotels we would pick. Wooden atmosphere is amazing.

The tracks map in Chamonix

Exploring the map of the tracks.

Beautiful Chamonix

After the apartment we decided to check out the city a little bit more. Looks very nice and quite.

Chamonix village in Alps

Real mountain village. Just as we imagined it would be.

Queue to the ski lift in Chamonix

Quite a long queue to the ski lift.

Party in Chamonix

And since it was Friday there was quite a lot of parties in the city. First time am I seeing a church like this.

Ski lift in Chamonix

The weather seemed to be ok at first, but then turned out to be worse.

Patagonia shop in Chamonix

All shops are about the Alps. Real paradise for winter sport fans.

walkie talkie talk on ski lift.

Talking to others on the walkie talkie.

Spirit Chamonix shop

Another sports shop. Every shop has its own style.

Strong winds in Chamonix, Alps

This time no t-shirts. Winds are quite strong so there is no chance you can snow without a mask.

Christmas tree in Chamonix

Christmas tree in the center of the city even though it was March :)

Beautiful mountains in Chamonix

But still. The mountain view is terrific at any weather.

Chamonix streets

We haven't been to the mountains yet but I already totally love this place. Real winter spirit. Want to celebrate New Years eve here.

Morning in Chamonix

The next morning we woke up had some breakfast and headed straight for the mountains. After all this is why we are here.

clouds go over the mountains in Chamonix

You can see how clouds go over the mountains.

Great dog in Chamonix

As it turned out we had a wonderful dog living right next door. Someday I'll definitely get a dog like this.

Taking photos in Chamonix

Taking photos you all are watching right now. Not as comfortable as it usually is. And quite cold as well.

Parking by the gondola ski lift in Chamonix

We had several gondola ski lifts in the city. Some were reachable by foot, others had to be reached by bus or a car.

Skis and snowboards everywhere

I guess it's a lunch time.

Having fun in Chamonix

Having fun despite the weather.

Queue for a cable car in Chamonix

We had to wait for over 40 minutes to get to the cable car. The next day we were smarter and came much earlier.

Snowboarders in Chamonix

Finally found a place with snowboarders.

avalanche danger sign in Chamonix

The avalanche warning sign. The danger level is 3 out of 5. Not very convincing if I'm honest.

BMW xDrive track

BMW xDrive track that takes a video and your time lap. All you have to do is wait in line for your turn.

Gondola cable car in Chamonix

Finally we are going up. It took us about 15 minutes to get up.

BMW xDrive track

Here I am finishing the lap.

Chamonix village in the valley

The view on our Chamonix village is staggering. Real paradise in the Alps.

Beautiful Chamonix resort mountains

And here we are. At the very top of the mountain getting ready for snowing and skiing. Now all we had to do is to get on the second ski lift that would take us the skiing places.

Snowboards in Chamonix Alps

Boards are everywhere.

Different track sign in Chamonix

Different track sign. Green, blue and black tracks are available.

My photo in Chamonix, Alps

Here I am. Looks like the weather is getting better.

Ski lift in Alps, Chamonix

Getting on the ski lift.

Going up with the ski lift

Peace :) Going up.

Skier on the mountain background

Sanja getting ready for the ride.

Ski lifts in Chamonix Alps

It takes another 10 minutes to get to the top. So there's plenty of time to relax and enjoy the view.

Ski lifts in Alps, Chamonix

It's a good thing we had walkie - talkies. At least we could chat while riding in a different cabines.

Chamonix valley, France, Alps

Chamonix valley, France, Alps

Mountains in Chamonix skiing

Getting ready to go down the hill.

Sitting in Chamonix Alps

Stopped to admire the view once more. Just look at it.

Like it in Chamonix

Yeap, I like it here.

Beautiful view on Alps in Chamonix

Can it really get any better than this? I don't think so.

Beautiful Alps in Chamonix

I've found my paradise. Don't want to go to Egypt. I'm totally in love with Alps.

Blue sky in Chamonix

Finally, At the end of the last day the sky clears up.

Paragliding in Alps

Lots of paragliders as well. Would love to try it someday. By the way this is me there waiving.

Beautiful Chamonix valley

Taking the last ride around this beautiful valley.

Getting crazy in Alps, Chamonix

Boris is going crazy :)

Cute streets of Chamonix

Here is a small overview of the city. Very cute small streets..

No stopping sign in Alps, Chamonix

Some places forbid to stop as well. Usually these are more like crossroads so that you wouldn't bother other people.

Red track in Alps, Chamonix

This might look quite easy on the photo but in reality it was quite a steep about 2 km long track which took us about 15 minutes to get down.

Me in Alps, Chamonix, snowboard

Some photos on top of the world.

Cute streets of Chamonix in Alps

..with the small wooden houses and snow hats on the rooftops.

BEautiful Chamonix city

And of course beautiful mountains on the background.

Ski lift over the track in Alps, Chamonix

Some track went right under the ski lift so it was possible to take cool pictures from above.

Funny snow hat on a menu of the restaurant in Chamonix

Nice menu in a restaurant. Can imagine how much snow there used to be.

Small wooden house in Chamonix

Walkie-talkie in Chamonix, Alps

Here I am, talking to someone.

Gorgeous view on Chamonix and mountains.

I wish I had a view like this when I look outside my window.

Going un on the ski lift in Alps, Chamonix

And the person instantly knows where to look and what to do.

Funny horse in Chamonix

Found a funny horse in the middle of the city.

Beautiful Alps, Chamonix

Beautiful Alps, what else can you say.

Chilling in Alps, Chamonix

People are chilling.

Beautiful view on Alps in Chamonix

Another red track up above the others. It's hard to concentrate on snowboarding with such a view.

Church in Chamonix

The same church that you already have seen in the first part. Beautiful, isn't it?

Wooden house in Chamonix

It was getting late so we were lucky to witness a staggering sunset.

Warm weather in Alps, Chamonix

By the lunch time we all were pretty exhausted so we decided to have another photo session. After all it was unbelievably warm. +19C to be exact.

Beautiful mountain of Mont Blanc

The light became just perfect for great mountain pictures.

Mont Blanc view from Chamonix

By the way this in Mont Blanc. The highest point in Alps. Looks amazing.

Mont Blanc view in Chamonix

Of course it is possible to get up there but unfortunately the weather wasn't the best, so we would only see clouds all around us. And it costs 50 euro a person to get up there.

Happy in Alps, Chamonix

Feel tired but happy :)

View on the Mont Blanc mountain

It's a good thing they have web cameras so you can see is it worth going up there. And unfortunately it wasn't. But the view from the bottom is also quite inspiring.

Souvenirs in Chamonix

At the end we decided to check out some souvenir shops as well. As always I take some close macro pictures.

Magnets of the mont blanc in Chamonix

Here are some more.

Snowboarding in a t-shirt

Time to go for a ride :)

Post card in Chamonix 1973 Olympics

Classical post cards. Reminder of the Olympic games that were held in Chamonix in 1924 and 1973.

Beautiful evening in Chamonix

Last evening is always the most beautiful.

Full restaurants in Chamonix

Having a late supper. And it's Friday so all places are quite packed.

Happy in Alps, Chamonix

Guys are happy too.

Jumping on a snowboard in a t-shirt

Learning to jump while it's much easier without heavy clothes.

Open bar in Chamonix, France, Alps

After our photo session we decided to hit an open air bar. You really can't wish for more.

Cheese store in Chamonix

Cheese store. Hundreds of real French cheese.

Open bar on a hill in Chamonix

To get to the bar you first had to go up the hill and then get down from it. A view from the ski lift.

Having a great tie in Alps

So this wraps up our first few days in Alps. The next morning we went to Geneve for an off day and then had another three days of snowing. To be continued..

Having a drink on a hill in a bar in Chamonix

And here we are. Paradise for snowboarders and ski guys as well.

Peaceful streets of Chamonix, Alps

So peaceful. Don't want to go back.

Classical clock on one of the buildings

Classical clock on one of the buildings.

Night party on the mountain in Chamonix

Since it was Friday there was some kind of a party on the top of the mountains as well. Looks like fun. It's a shame we didn't manage to get up there. Maybe next time.

Sports shop in Chamonix

One of the sport shops. Everybody are watching some snowboard movies on the big screen.

Watching snowboard movie in Chamonix

I would gladly sit there for another hour to watch it with the others as well.

defibrillator in every shop in Chamonix

By the way - every shop has a defibrillator. In case of the emergency. I think this is really awesome.

Snowboard pillow

Snowboard pillow

special room for your skis and boards

And at the end a little bit more about the apartment. Here is a special room for your skis and boards. Very useful.

A place to dry your boots

A place to dry your boots. First time am I seeing something like this. You can dry not only boots but gloves hats and all other kind of stuff there.

All National Geographic magazines

One of the coolest things in our apartment was a shelf full of the National Geographic magazines starting from 1970-s.

Hundreds of National Geographic magazines

You can see how many was there. Of course I instantly found the one that came out when I was born. August in 1985.

More then a hundred years old book

The 1896 year book. More then hundred years old. Amazing. I wish I had more time to read it.

Furniture with the hidden bed

But the coolest thing of all was of course the secret bed that we found just by chance. You can see here is just a typical furniture. There are the National Geographic magazines as well by the way.

Hidden bed in furniture. Comes out of the closet

This is how it works. You just press a button on a remote control a bad comes in and out of the closet. I've never seen anything like this. Feels like you are in a Sherlock Holms movie.

Hidden bed in the furniture. Chamonix

And here we are. Ready to go to bed. Simply amazing. And imagine how the saves place. One moment there is a table and a guest room, and the other you have yourself a double bed. Unbelievable. I want this kind of bed at my place.

Beautiful holidays in Chamonix

And this is it. Thank you Chamonix for the wonderful holidays. We had a great time and will definitely come again.

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