"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

Las Vegas


After LA we headed straight for Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam Vegas

The next morning we woke up and headed straight for the Hoover Dam. It's located about 30km away from Vegas.

melted building in Vegas

The same melted building that we've seen earlier only closer.


In case you are wondering how is it like driving through American desert - here are some photos.

Leaving Vegas

Leaving Vegas.


At first it seems exciting but in like half an hour you get bored and just look forward at an endless road.

Vegas 3D puzzles

Interesting 3D puzzles in one of the shops.


Vegas desert parking

View on the parking from the shop. Not much people in here. But still kind of interesting.


Road to Las Vegas goes right past Death Valley.


Once in a while you come across "Rest areas" where you can take a walk after a long ride.

photo shooting in Vegas

Great place for photo shooting.


It has a rest room and some chairs for you to enjoy. Here is explained how does these places get water.

View on Nevada

View on Nevada.


Wonderful view on the desert.


driving this old tractor in Nevada desert

You can meet absolutely all kind of interesting things on American roads. I wonder where are they driving this old tractor?


Time to get back on the road. It takes about 4 hours to get from LA to Las Vegas given you drive at about 120km/h which is a speed limit.

a truck in vegas

A truck that carries 3 other same kind trucks.


Finally some kind of civilisation on the horizon.

more mountains that the desert

This time we've seen much more mountains that the desert.


First Casinos start to appear long before the Vegas.


Huge lake in front of us. The dam should be somewhere near by.


And here finally is Las Vegas. Only 14 miles to go.

Tillman Memorial Bridge

The Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is an arch bridge opened in 2010.


Time to find our hotel and hit the city.

Hoover Dam Bypass project

It was the key component of the Hoover Dam Bypass project. It is the second-highest bridge in the United States.


Turned out our hotel room was on the 22 floor with a great view. Comparing to San Francisco this is an astonishing hotel for unbelievably low price.

Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam

Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. The Hoover Dam Bypass project was completed within budget at a cost of $240 million, the bridge portion cost $114 million.


View from the hotels room.

Nevada, Arizona, and California Hoover Dam

The dam's generators provide power for public and private utilities in Nevada, Arizona, and California.


And here is the invoice. Just 17Ls per night (~29$ + Tax) Which really isn't that much for that kind of hotel.

Road underneath Hoover Dam bridge

Road underneath the bridge leads straight to the dam. Before that there is a security check as well.


Instruction on every traffic light.

Hoover Dam view

The view from the bridge is terrific.


Cactuses :)


Interesting melted building.

Hover Dam, Nevada/Arizona, United States

Hover Dam, Nevada/Arizona, United States.


Car selling place. I wonder how long this car has been here. :)

Road to Las Vegas

After the dam we continued our way to the Grand Canyon, which I will describe in my next post.

Night life in Las Vegas

Once we were back in Las Vegas it had already been dark. We took some photos from the top of our hotel tower. Since we stayed in that hotel it was totally free for us otherwise you would have to pay to get up.


Street art in progress.

View on Las Vegas from the Stratosphere

View on Las Vegas. Actually it's quite huge. The main street - the strip with all the hotels is in the center. But look at all the rest of the lights. This is all Vegas.


Comics house.

The strip, Las Vegas, United States

The strip, Las Vegas, United States.


Cool ride.

Stratosphere attractions in Vegas

Tower has many different attractions. One of them is sky jump, something like a bungee jumping. Then there are several different attractions, carrousels and other stuff. Basically all you could wish for.

Bungee jumping in Vegas

Here goes the next jumper. Even at night there is a cue. As I already told it costs 100$ and could be quite scary.

Pool party in Vegas

After playing all night in casinos and evening winning some money the best thing you could wish in the morning is a pool on the roof of your hotel.


Relaxing in the pool before checking out

And here it is. Relaxing before checking out of the hotel. And as I already mentioned all this was for only about 35$ per night. I love Vegas. :)


Very stylish public transport. Unfortunately quite expensive as well.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, founded in May 1959, Las Vegas, United States.


The strip.


Our hotel from the bottom.

Road to Los Angeles

Time to head back to Los Angeles. Road goes straight till the horizon.


For 100$ you can jump from the top but it isn't particularly a free fall. You are being pulled down by a rope.

Arizona beautiful desert

Some beautiful pit stops on our way back.


But I'm sure feeling is great either way. Since i've already done bungee jumping in Dallas I've decided to skip this time.

Desert signs in Arizona

Even though it's in the middle of a desert it is still really civilised.


Beautiful desert before Las Vegas


Some cute souvenirs.

Palms in Las Vegas desert

Very beautiful and peaceful place.


Naked girl stands are literally everywhere. Ordering a girl is easier than ordering a hamburger.

Nevada desert


This is what you get literally on every corner.

Parking in the desert


Encore - one of the best hotels in Vegas. I guess it could cost a little bit more than ours.

Mc Donalds truck in the desert

And of course you have to find something to eat. Wonder what can it be in America.


Judging by the music it looks like they are having quite of a party over there.

Sunset parking in the desert

Beautiful sunset in Nevada.


So, what else did you expect from Vegas? Mc'Donalds? :)

Beautiful Vegas

I guess it's gonna be dark by the time we return to LA.


All main crossroads are equipped with pedestrian bridges to avoid traffic.


Closing in to the center of Vegas.

Huge cactus in Las Vegas desert

Huge cactus.

Las Vegas sunset

Time to get back on the road.

night sky over USA

The next day we had to return to New York, so here are some photos of the America at night. It literally never gets darks.

night skies over america

We flew for about 5 hours and all way long there were lights on the ground.


So this is where Homer lives.


I guess Spider Man appeared a little bit different in the movie. :)


Girls everywhere.


Caesars Palace. Now I realize our hotel isn't the biggest one here.


Inspiring entrance to the casino with a Rolls Royce Phantom by the doors.


Inside of the casino looks pretty much the same as everywhere.


And talking about cars, you can meet all kind of them there.


The main dancing fountain that starts its show after 20:00.



Here is the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino with its own Eiffel Tower.


It costed USD $785 million to build. When the scale model of the Eiffel Tower was designed, it was planned to be full scale, but the airport was too close and the tower had to be shrunk. The scale is approximately 1:2.



Here is another look at the crossroads.


Crazy people everywhere. And this is at day time. Imagine what happens at night.


This is how a wanted previous picture to look like. :)


Comparing to Vegas, Times Square now looks kind of small.


Huge screens everywhere. Can't wait to see them at night.


Each place has its own unique idea.




Vdara Hotel & Spa. Just look at it.



The largest Coca-Cola bottle I've aver seen.


And here is the world famous New York New York hotel.


Its architecture is meant to evoke the New York City skyline - the hotel includes several towers configured to resemble New York City towers such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.


In front of the property is a lake representing New York Harbor, with a 46 m tall replica of the Statue of Liberty.


The Roller Coaster, formerly Manhattan Express, at New York-New York travels through the property's interior and exterior, and replaced the trains to resemble a traditional Checker Cab. The coaster is 62 m high, has a maximum drop of 44 m, and reaches speeds up to 108 km/h.
Of course I had to try it :)


Replica of the Brooklyn Bridge.


Have to admit it looks really cool.


The inside of the casino is quite usual.


But the streets and restaurants are totally unique with their own New York design. Check out inside street replica of New York here.


Replica of the New York street inside the hotel.


Ready to ride the roller coster. :)


You have to be at a distance to see the whole beauty of it.


Great view if it wasn't for the crane that's building another hotel near by.


New York New York hotel, Las Vegas, USA.
You can see the crazy Roller Coster now. It was quite an experience riding it.


Some kind of a castle on the other side.


At the end of main street you can find Luxor Las Vegas hotel and casino.


The hotel is named after the city of Luxor (ancient Thebes) in Egypt. Luxor is the second largest hotel in Las Vegas and the 8th largest in the world.


The Luxor has received recognition as being among the most recognizable hotels on the strip because of its unique design. The main portion of the hotel is a 111 m - high, 30-story pyramid encased in 11 acres of dark bronze glass.

Las Vegas

Luxor, Las Vegas, USA.
The tip of the pyramid contains a fixed-position spotlight that points directly upward and is claimed to be the brightest beam in the world at over 42.3 billion candle power.


Mandalay Bay hotel & casino. It's the only hotel that features a saltwater aquarium, the Shark Reef Aquarium, which contains the third largest tank in North America. Shark Reef Aquarium contains numerous other exhibits, including two tunnel-shaped, walk-through aquarium.


It's getting dark and now is time to go back to see all we've just seen so far at night.


"New York New York" hotel at night.


Interesting fact:
The US Post Office Forever Statue of Liberty Stamp, which was intended to show the actual Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, actually shows the replica at New York-New York. This is due to an error by the stamp designers, who incorrectly chose a stock photo of the replica instead of the original and did not recognize the difference. Over 10.5 billion stamps had been printed with the error before it was noticed, by which point it could not be corrected.


Beautiful sunset over mountains in Nevada desert.


It feels like a totally different city. So bright so alive.


The same Coca Cola bottle at night.




Closing in to Paris Las Vegas hotel. You can spot the Eiffel Tower long before you spot the hotel itself.


A tree-size sculpture of a rose on the Las Vegas strip.


The Strip in Las Vegas, USA. Probably one of the most popular Las Vegas scenes.


The Fountains of Bellagio is a vast, choreographed water feature with performances set to light and music.


The show takes place every 30 minutes in the afternoons and early evenings, and every 15 minutes from 8 pm to midnight. Before a water show starts, the nozzles break the water surface and the lights illuminating the hotel tower turn to a purple hue


It is estimated that the fountains cost $40 million to build. Shooters can send a water blast as high as 140 m which is really impressive.


A unique architectural aspect of Paris Las Vegas is that the back legs of its Eiffel Tower actually come down through the ceiling into the casino floor.


The inside of the hotel is a replica of Paris small cute streets with sky ceilings.


Feels like you are back in Paris.


And here is the largest hotel in Las Vegas - The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.


This hotel features a lifelike replica tower of St Mark's Campanile in Venice, Italy.


It's amazing. You've just been in Paris with its cute streets and now you are in Venice with its channels and gondolas. Amazing.



The Encore hotel at night.


Finally we were back to our hotel to get ready to try out how lucky we are.


Largest hotel in Downtown.


View from the window.



Well, I was lucky enough to win myself a free dinner. :)


Still better than nothing. :)


Time to go find something to eat.


A downtown in Las Vegas. Not that impressive after the main street.


Time to go to sleep. Have a lot to do and see the next day as well.

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